Episode 72 – The Footsteps Actually Don’t Pan


After last week’s show, Kris and Mikey come back to center with a fun and fascinating discussion about creativity. Find out:

  • Exactly how Kris and Mikey’s creative processes are polar opposites
  • Current projects including Mikey’s The Ending experiment
  • How we edit audio and why Kris is so lazy
  • A visit to the Death Star
  • Borderlands talk!
  • PLUS two epic commercials
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Episode 71 – The Whole Thing is Commercials


Looks like Kris made a mistake this week and sold the entire episode out as ad space!

Which works out because it fulfills the dreams of many-a-listener who have wondered, “What would happen if they just did commercials for almost the entire episode?”

Consider the question answered.

Mikey will sleep forever now.

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Whence Episode 71


This was the conversation! I didn’t even have time to whip up a Kris on Kris. But do not fret — we will return after a week of post-PAX catchup.

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Episode 70 – Venti Vidi Vici – Live from PAX!


The live show is here! Kris and Mikey take the stage and put on a show for the ages (1871-1951 only).

They discuss almost not making it to the panel (again,) new sponsors, quizzes for the audience, and they choose topics live from audience suggestions. (Also, Mikey’s dad takes the stage with Kris because PAX is awesome.)

Also, here is the full, uncut panel video from PAX’s Hedgehog Theater! Thanks to @aioua for separating it out.

Watch live video from PAX2 on Twitch

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Episode 69 – Ghosties With Mikey


This week we venture into uncharted territory where Mikey must host alone, as Kris is enjoying the newfound lack of sleep that fatherhood is wont to provide. Mikey does many things this week including:

  • Talks to a ghost
  • Looks back fondly on that time he talked to a ghost
  • Talks about the new episode of Movies With Mikey on Ladyhawke that in embedded below for the benefit of mankind
  • Quizzes some special guests like Amy Berg, John Scalzi, and Bobak Ferdowsi
  • Looks back on some of Kris’s best of commercial moments

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