Episode 81 – Crunksgiving


Forget the turkey, just load me up with a syringe of tryptophan right to the veins, it’s our 90-minute Thanksgiving chit-chatstravaganza. We slather your plate with our gravy, covering:

  • Thanksgiving misgivings
  • Small wonders (nope, actually Small Wonder)
  • A Pilgrim-themed quiz that leveled Kris. Total obliteration
  • We dissect the Jurassic World trailer because it released early! (Not a fake segment; lots of Jurassic Park talk)

Thanks to everyone for your support! In addition, Mikey set us up a pledge page for Patrick Rothfuss’s Worldbuilders, a charity drive benefitting Heifer International. Check the updates page for the new stuff we’ll do if we hit the mark! It’s a cause we believe in.

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Episode 80 Supplemental – Kris Blew It


Hey Executive Producers —

I was supposed to mention your names on the show this week, but I forgot. I hope this makes it up to you.

Signed, Formerly,


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Episode 80 – Mikey’s Mobile Book Hole


Get in touch with the books. Kris and Mikey send you on a journey of the imagination to:

  • Mikey’s Book Hole, where he interviews Starsky Lampert, famed author of Midnight Thrush
  • Beloved actor talk and whether Firefly gets in Castle’s way
  • A quiz that plumbs the depths of our failed TV knowledge from an era long gone
  • Public access Author on Author, featuring two authors who may or may not have written books that our Patreon listeners provided the titles of, LIVE
  • Commercials!
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Episode 79 – Cruise Control


Saddle up for a hard ride deep into — okay. I’m doing it on purpose. There’s a lot of innuendo that isn’t actually in the show. I have to get it out of my system somewhere. But we do have:

  • Thanks to our Executive Producers, as well as good people like Jessie Zimmer, Jeff Carpenter, Mike Caron, Taija Tevia-Clark and J. Scott Jewell for their support on our Patreon. If you like the show, check it out!
  • We talk about the Borg!
  • Parents!
  • Non-creatives!
  • Take a “cruise” on the wild side with a “tom” of a quiz! (It’s about Tom Cruise, the movie star.)
  • We take your topics at choose@chainsawsuit.com — send in yours!
  • And big ups to Mikey for his new season of Movies with Mikey, starting with his look at The World’s End and a shoutout from Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. Watch it here:

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Episode 78 – The Dakota Fanning of Bruce Waynes



Len Peralta of Geek a Week and Exterminite joins us on this outsized show! This monster is its own nightmare, with:

  • Talking Exterminite, with Issue 1 of the new nightmare-killing mini-series on Amazon and Comixology now!
  • The trouble with Gotham
  • The Netflix Superiority
  • Mikey challenges Len and Kris with a comic book quiz-off
  • A deep tear on some unsavory ghosts in Len’s house

Plus for the first time ever, the show ran so long I split off the rest of the ghost stories. You can find them at our Patreon for free!

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