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Episode 71 – The Whole Thing is Commercials

Looks like Kris made a mistake this week and sold the entire episode out as ad space! Which works out because it fulfills the dreams of many-a-listener who have wondered, “What would happen if they just did commercials for almost … Continue reading

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Episode 53 – Caramel Fools

 GO GRAB THE NEW CHAINSAWSUIT ALBUM: GAME OF CHAINSAWS! Kris and Mikey are kicking off year two of The Chainsawsuit Podcast: The Show: Now An Hour-Long Podcast in style! (By not being able to agree on what the branding of … Continue reading

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Episode 51 – Hot Pouches

The episode between all the super-episodes of Chainsawsuit: The big 5-1; a normal episode for a couple of normal guys who publish esoteric comedy on the ‘nets (internet[s]). Kris and Mikey talk reality TV as only they can: by making … Continue reading

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Episode 50 – A PAX Live Show Spectacular

A milestone. A legend. An anniversary. A podcast. The Chainsawsuit show turns 50 with a show recorded with an audience of over 600 people. There’s almost too much show to contain, but we contained it even though the PKE readings … Continue reading

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Scared Yet – Jeff The Killer

I’m launching the first episode of my creepypasta review series! In this edition of Scared Yet, I take a look at a horror story that is consistently in top 10 creepypasta lists across the internet: Jeff The Killer. Share

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