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Episode 76 – Are You Afraid Of Your Shorts

A shocking episode that will leave parts of you breathless! (The lungs.) Mikey and Kris appear on British radio to talk about their new Patreon for Chainsawsuit Original animations, videos and skits — everything goes great, except for the interview part We welcome guest Ben … Continue reading

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Episode 75 – Passions

This is a big episode for us, folks — you can listen to it happen live: Kris and Mikey talk about more of their creative passions A furious mob commemorates the end of Broodhollow: Book 2 A romantic new movie … Continue reading

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Episode 74 – Travoltian

Grab three (3) of your favorite glowsticks, because this is one rave of an episode! This week, we hammer the following into oblivion: Kris sends Mikey to an adult education class to learn about baby care Your topics are chosen! Send your … Continue reading

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Episode 73 – So Dope Crazy

After coming back to center in last week’s show, after going mad in the episode two weeks ago, Kris and Mikey drop an episode that just might be the single most insaniest episode of all time. Of over-statements, we feel … Continue reading

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Episode 72 – The Footsteps Actually Don’t Pan

After last week’s show, Kris and Mikey come back to center with a fun and fascinating discussion about creativity. Find out: Exactly how Kris and Mikey’s creative processes are polar opposites Current projects including Mikey’s The Ending experiment How we … Continue reading

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