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Episode 84 – C-SPAN 3 Presents A Very Mikey Kris…mas

Lay out your ho-ho-ho wreaths and stomp a flocked ornament — the Original Boys of Yule “candy-cane up” a Christmas storm! Feel the bite of winter shriek down your back and shoot out your fingertips in this never-aired holiday special. Ring in Jesus’ birth … Continue reading

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Hi all, Kris here — I’ve been traveling with family (and with baby for the first time), and it’s very much my fault that a new episode hasn’t appeared. I have been full-time dad since arriving in Los Angeles, and … Continue reading

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Episode 83 – Desperately Rebooting Susan

Mikey and Kris aren’t messing around this week. Things are serious… deadly serious… when Kris dies. Then is revived. After that, the boys: Discuss what’s {wrong,right} with the depiction of air traffic control repair on the CBS drama </scorpion> Try to … Continue reading

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Episode 82 – Will Wonders Never Small

In this very awful special episode, Kris and Mikey dive deep into pop culture — some more pop than others. The Star Wars Episode VII trailer discussed! And check out the Movies with Mikey on this below. A quiz that … Continue reading

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Episode 81 – Crunksgiving

Forget the turkey, just load me up with a syringe of tryptophan right to the veins, it’s our 90-minute Thanksgiving chit-chatstravaganza. We slather your plate with our gravy, covering: Thanksgiving misgivings Small wonders (nope, actually Small Wonder) A Pilgrim-themed quiz that … Continue reading

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