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Episode 73 – So Dope Crazy

After coming back to center in last week’s show, after going mad in the episode two weeks ago, Kris and Mikey drop an episode that just might be the single most insaniest episode of all time. Of over-statements, we feel … Continue reading

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Episode 71 – The Whole Thing is Commercials

Looks like Kris made a mistake this week and sold the entire episode out as ad space! Which works out because it fulfills the dreams of many-a-listener who have wondered, “What would happen if they just did commercials for almost … Continue reading

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Episode 69 – Ghosties With Mikey

This week we venture into uncharted territory where Mikey must host alone, as Kris is enjoying the newfound lack of sleep that fatherhood is wont to provide. Mikey does many things this week including: Talks to a ghost Looks back … Continue reading

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Episode 65 – Grace Anatomy

Dust off your dancing shoes because there’s actually no new music from us in this episode; we just agreed that your dancing shoes are getting musty. In this, our 65th adventure together, we brought the JUICE. There’s talk about Mikey’s … Continue reading

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Episode 53 – Caramel Fools

 GO GRAB THE NEW CHAINSAWSUIT ALBUM: GAME OF CHAINSAWS! Kris and Mikey are kicking off year two of The Chainsawsuit Podcast: The Show: Now An Hour-Long Podcast in style! (By not being able to agree on what the branding of … Continue reading

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