Hi all, Kris here —

I’ve been traveling with family (and with baby for the first time), and it’s very much my fault that a new episode hasn’t appeared. I have been full-time dad since arriving in Los Angeles, and my world, much in the manner of┬áthe Fresh Prince’s, has been flipped turned upside-down.

Thanks for your kind patiences! We will keep you abreast on our schedule, and we will keep our infant son abreast because that’s his sole source of nutrition.

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13 Responses to Holidiatus

  1. BostonSean says:

    you forgot to mention the EPs again. Jeeze Kris get your head in the game!

  2. thehess2 says:

    Yes, the internet is one big crying baby, and Kris and Mikey are a larger-than-life pair of….nutrition providers. Kris, you may spank us for our selfish behavior at your earliest convenience.

    And of course, best wishes to your respective families for a happy and safe holiday!

  3. Kyle_Douglas says:

    I'm a patient fellow myself, but maybe you, oh fellow comment reader, are not. Perhaps you are getting the shakes from your lack of an injection of chainsawsuit directly to your ear holes this week. If so, my holiday gift to you is 10 minutes of me rambling into a mic. Subject yourself to it if you dare and are desperate enough.

    Happy Holidays and I hope everyone's had a great 2014. And thanks to Kris and Mikey for making it all the brighter every week. I'm sure 2015 will be even better when we all hover-convert our cars at Goldie Wilson's #skywayflyer

    • Kyle_Douglas says:

      It's pretty ironic that you said you “remember everything” right after you couldn't remember the exact URL for the podcast and if it was still available on iTunes or not.

      General problem: You're dropping a lot of “Um”s and “Uh”s. That might be understandable when you don't have a second host to bounce off of, but it's still very unprofessional sounding. You also use “Anyway!” as a sharp segue too often.

      You also say “Huh…. okay” a lot, but I actually like that one. Keep that, it can be a catchphrase.

      I agree with most of what you were saying about franchise decay, but I certainly hope you meant to say about the Star Wars Prequels: “We can debate endlessly how or why they're bad or good” rather than you saying “good or bad”. Bad should definitely have the priority there.

      You need to maintain a more audience-focused perspective if you're trying to read stuff off the internet and talk about it at the same time. It's obvious to you that Alan Taylor was the director and you were talking about other stuff he had directed and I managed to work it out with context clues, but you really should have made it more clear.

      You also didn't really talk about the content of the Genisys trailer. Were you worried about spoilers? For a trailer? You should have dropped a “If you haven't checked it out, pause this, watch it, and then come on back” like Kris did before they talked about Jurassic World's trailer.

      You seriously haven't seen Shutter Island? 8.1 on IMDb! It was adapted from a novel, FYI. So, you probably shouldn't put too much faith into the screenwriter based on it.

      The “topic death pit” is never coming back. It's pretty obvious that Kris and Mikey were concerned that someone's feelings might get hurt or someone's already did. So, come on, just let it go and stop referencing it.

      But, hey, this was a little something vaguely chainsawsuitish to listen to with some Tom Hiddleston references I enjoyed. So, you know, I can't really complain too much. It was a decent popcorn podcast. Truly the Terminator Salvation of podcasts. Ouch, sorry, that came off way harsher than I intended.

    • LMcCJ says:

      How do you fight crime with coleslaw? Drown the miscreants?

      Love that you included an accent, a producer, and Kyle Chooses a Topic.

      Watch your backs, Kris and Mikey. (Uh, you too, Kyle, they may sue.)

      • Kyle_Douglas says:

        In hindsight I should have also done a commercial segment with me being a completely inept Michael Winslow and doing all the sound effects, in contrast to Kris and Mikey's digital production values. To really drive home that cheap knockoff feel. Ah well.

    • KTJ says:

      Now I will read all of your comments in your voice.

  4. Giggleloop says:

    You two deserve a break for the holidays as much as anyone else! So enjoy it. Hope Baby Straub has a great first Christmas.

    Oh btw, any of my fellow 'suiters playing WoW these days? Mikey is playing alliance on Ravencrest, & y'all should come join us so we can start a guild. :)

    • ThomasG says:

      Bradbrad has some deft, almost Brom-level bostaff moves.
      If only it had been horde.

      • Giggleloop says:

        Well, it's a PvE server, so I wouldn't mind rolling horde also. :)

        • ThomasG says:

          Hey G-loop, I seriously am running a human monk Bradbrad on Ravencrest (with his AH-managing/terrorizing associate Tomblake). Still leveling up so pretty useless at the moment

  5. @WalkingEye says:

    In this Fresh Prince metaphor are you the titular Prince of Freshness? Or since you're a father are you Uncle Phil? No wait, you're Hilary cause you're pretty amirite?

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