Episode 81 – Crunksgiving


Forget the turkey, just load me up with a syringe of tryptophan right to the veins, it’s our 90-minute Thanksgiving chit-chatstravaganza. We slather your plate with our gravy, covering:

  • Thanksgiving misgivings
  • Small wonders (nope, actually Small Wonder)
  • A Pilgrim-themed quiz that leveled Kris. Total obliteration
  • We dissect the Jurassic World trailer because it released early! (Not a fake segment; lots of Jurassic Park talk)

Thanks to everyone for your support! In addition, Mikey set us up a pledge page for Patrick Rothfuss’s Worldbuilders, a charity drive benefitting Heifer International. Check the updates page for the new stuff we’ll do if we hit the mark! It’s a cause we believe in.

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13 Responses to Episode 81 – Crunksgiving

  1. Daphnetrodon says:

    I'm thankful for this episode!

    I loved the Jurassic World talk – I've been having similar discussions with my friends and my sister since the trailer came out. I'm scrambling to put together Thanksgiving dinner at the moment, so the podcast is keeping me company and I'm gonna be brief with my comment (or what feels like brief to me, which is probably still a lot of rambling) and share some of my thoughts:
    Some of my friends are mad that dinosaurs in the trailer are too large or lack feathers, and I think those are valid complaints, but I have a couple reasons for not being mad about those aspects and I pretty much agree with Kris about engineering them without feathers: iif the geneticists are this good at recreating dinosaurs, they can probably engineer them to be larger or not have feathers at all to appeal to park audiences who have expectations for how dinosaurs are supposed to look. That and if they still use frog DNA to fill in missing pieces of dinosaur genetic code, that might cause weird physiological issues in and of itself. *shrugs* I don't plan on intensely arguing the point with anyone, that's just my rationale for not being bothered by it. I think the original films actually kind of suffered from the filmmakers' trying to make the movies conform to paleontological thought of the time they came out, because it lead to contradictions like the raptors suddenly developing feathers after a couple years, or the T-Rex vs spinosaurus stuff. Having some internal rules for your worldbuilding, even if they contradict real-world science, just seems smarter to me.

    The other thing I've been thinking about, and the thing that gets me really excited for the movie for a very silly reason: I love Chris Pratt's character having a team of raptor friends. When I was a little girl I had a bunch of Jurassic Park toys (amidst the standard-issue Barbies) and the raptors tended to end up as guard/attack pets more often than not. So that scene, as absolutely silly as I'm unwilling to admit it is, makes me really happy.

    I also am hoping against hope that Chris Pratt is playing the adult version of that kid Alan Grant traumatized with the velociraptor story in the very first film.

  2. Marius says:

    According to Wikipedia the bald eagle, chosen as the national emblem of the US in 1782, was given legal protection in 1940 by by the Bald Eagle Protection Act. The act was expanded to golden eagles in 1962.

    Thank you for 81 episodes of auditory awesomeness! Keep up the great work.

  3. Robopengy says:

    The last day of work before Thanksgiving break I re-listened to the Zach Files episode, the episode where Mikey is floored by Jeff Dunham's variety of racially sensitive puppets! WELL at my grandparent's house someone happened to turn on Comedy Central and Jeff Dunham's "Around the World" special was on. I'm not a fan of his humor, but it was very interesting to watch him perform in Abu Dhabi, Tel Aviv, Singapore, and a city in Malaysia (didn't catch the name). And I must give credit where credit is due, his way around Malaysia banning his Achmed puppet was pretty clever.

    And in the spirit of the holiday, I'm thankful for the Chainsawsuit podcast ploppin' down an hour + of goodness every week! You guys are great! (read more Disney TV scripts! )

  4. Giggleloop says:

    Watching the recording of the episodes, & then getting to also hear the finished products, is so very very cool. Especially with you guys creating & recording the commercials live this week.

    The analogy that comes to my mind is seeing a magic trick performed, even when you know how it's done. Even when you've seen the process behind it, it can still be entertaining. The commercials were already funny at the recording stage; I loved all the little ad-lib asides during the second commercial, & was happy they made it into the finished version.

    And of course I enjoyed all the Star Trek, Small Wonder, and Jurassic World talk. I fully expect a return to Star Wars discussion form next episode. *rubs hands together gleefully* Seriously, I enjoy hearing your insights on such things. It's good times.

    Hope you both had a happy holiday & get to relax this weekend. <3

  5. Liz says:

    3 out of 10 on the quiz this week. Didn't get a question right until number 7. I guess I should turn in my American citizenship now.

  6. LMcCJ says:

    I am thankful for Kris, Mikey, the Exec Producers and all the chainsawsuitors.

    "Don't Kris this thing, Mikey." –great line.

    7/10 on the quiz. I got the last 7 right. I think Pappa Neumann and I would make a great pub team. Next time I'm in the greater Plano metropolitan area I'm going to give him a call.

    Battery died. Will finish listening later.

  7. @iscoppie says:

    "Look, obviously we KNOW how to take care of dinosaurs and keep 'em out of people's face"
    I hope that's the slogan they have on advertising leaflets

  8. cecil says:

    Love the new intro!! when is the new album coming out?

  9. Kyle_Douglas says:

    Hoo, with a 2 day barrier between this comment and Thanksgiving I've successfully distanced myself enough that I can get away without that genuine emotion people have been posting – right? Right?

    Oh, fine, be that way. I'm thankful for this podcast, its community, and the ability to ramble for 700 words in the comments without anyone complaining (yet).

    Commercials: I always enjoy a small dose of Brad Brad. There's definitely room here for someone to write a fanfic detailing the gap in the chainsawsuit continuity between the point where Kris wished death upon Brad Brad and ComedyDawggz was cancelled just before its 37th episode to this point where it's revived and they've become amicable enough again to be an advertiser.
    The black hole of the chainsawsuit continuity can never be escaped!

    "…piping hot basin of spruced pumpkin juice pumped at 150psi in and around your turkey…"
    That whole commercial is great (and I think having Kris and Mikey collaborating does definitely produce a superior result), but that particular phrasing of "in and around" is my favorite part.
    "The pilgrims never had it this good!" was also perfectly delivered.

    Quiz: 4 out of 10 due to my apparent superhuman ability to believe that anything and everything was eaten at the first Thanksgiving. Boy, I could go for some boiled ferret right about now.

    Small Wonder: It's only been 5 episodes since Kris last brought Small Wonder up. I think before that it was around 20. I expect the next Small Wonder discussion within 3 episodes. Then it'll replace the quiz segment. By March we'll be looking at the first episode of the Wondersuit podcast. Everyone, please prepare accordingly by buying the first two seasons of Small Wonder on DVD and petitioning to get Seasons 3 and 4 also made available.

    Star Trek: I find it a bit funny Mikey's main problem with the replicator is the speed of it due to his perception of current 3D printers. This was said on live streaming video of the conversation over the internet, something unthinkable less than 20 years ago. The 2360's are a long way off.

    It's worth noting Star Trek Enterprise did have a chef character specifically for the reason that the series was set too early for full fledged replicator technology. BUT he was never shown (er, sort of), leaving Mikey's desire for such a character unfulfilled. But, hey, it was Enterprise, it probably would have been pretty unfulfilling regardless.

    Jurassic World: I was a bit off-put by the trailer in the same way Kris was by the Star Trek reboot's aesthetic. It seems super weird to me to transition from Jurassic Park's adventure vibes (the jeeps, the visitor center's thatched roof, etc etc) into this super-modern look with hamster ball vehicles.

    I'm also super-cynical about the idea of Chris Pratt's character teaming up with raptors. I just think that's an incredibly difficult idea to pull off well. But, I'm thinking that motorcycle shot and the one before it may have been deliberately juxtaposed to be misleading. They might all just be simultaneously thinking "Faster, must go faster!" while running from the Doomosaurus hybrid.

    That being said, even Jurassic Park 3 I thought was pretty alright. So they'd have to really mess things up for me be truly disappointed. And if they hit the (much, much) higher bar of the original film rather than 2 and 3, fantastic!

    Star Wars The Force Awakens: Whoops, 82.

  10. BostonSean says:

    So, Neelix was a cook in Voyager because it was more efficient then replicators for such a long trip.
    So the writers of Voyager agreed with you.
    I remember Next Gen they complained a lot about the alcohol tasting funny.
    I wondered about replicators in that I doubt most of the crew of the enterprise had probably never tasted ACTUAL food so wouldn't know how a steak is supposed to taste or for that matter what any vegetable tastes like.
    Except Picard owned a vineyard which seems an irresponsible use of Earth land.

  11. Tazsul says:

    The mcguffin in Star Wars Knights of the old Republic (1) is a ship size Replicator with a ridiculous rate of production. It sounded really cool, but the more I have thought about it there was no reason the player should ever have been able to win…
    Thanks Kris and Mikey!

  12. I FINALLY sat down and listened to all of the podcasts. Took me a good while but I'm all caught up, and ready to join the ranks as a proud, strong, independent Chainsawsuitor. Watch your back KyDug I'm comin' for that no. 1 slot.

    • Giggleloop says:

      Welcome welcome welcome. (No wait, that'd be Broodhollow. Shoot.)

      No, seriously, glad to have you! Stay awhile, and listen… (That's Diablo. Ah hell.)

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