Episode 80 Supplemental – Kris Blew It


Hey Executive Producers —

I was supposed to mention your names on the show this week, but I forgot. I hope this makes it up to you.

Signed, Formerly,


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5 Responses to Episode 80 Supplemental – Kris Blew It

  1. Steamlord says:

    *sniff* All right, bring it in. Group hug.

  2. thehess2 says:

    Kris – As punishment, you have to open the show with a reprise of Mary Aberoth discussing her pending lawsuit from the followers of @RedditParenting. :-)

    Seriously, we got to play along on the hangout – that was totally worth it.

    Edit – Duh, I just noticed that you actually recorded a touching message to us. Do I have to patronize twice, since you and Mikey both pronounce my name two different ways every time?

  3. Connor_Rosine says:

    Please never ever find out how to properly say Hessinger.

  4. dontaskhow says:

    Maybe it's just me, but isn't the music for this video very, extremely, Ice-Ice-Baby-level "influenced" by Mikey's Chainsaws of Love song?

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