Episode 80 – Mikey’s Mobile Book Hole


Get in touch with the books. Kris and Mikey send you on a journey of the imagination to:

  • Mikey’s Book Hole, where he interviews Starsky Lampert, famed author of Midnight Thrush
  • Beloved actor talk and whether Firefly gets in Castle’s way
  • A quiz that plumbs the depths of our failed TV knowledge from an era long gone
  • Public access Author on Author, featuring two authors who may or may not have written books that our Patreon listeners provided the titles of, LIVE
  • Commercials!
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17 Responses to Episode 80 – Mikey’s Mobile Book Hole

  1. Giggleloop says:

    Watching & participating live was an absolute blast. Taking the quiz alongside Mikey in real time was exciting! I managed a tie, 7/10.

    I'm going to listen to the podcast version today at some point, because on my drive to work I remembered Mobile Assault Smash House and was giggling.

    Now all we have to do is get a chat solution. Twitter worked well for talking to you two, but it makes it a little more difficult for us viewers to talk amongst ourselves. Eh, all in all, I'd say it was a very successful first run. Now, to the Bookhole. :)

    Edit: post-cast thoughts! That new little music stinger at the top was HOT! Damn! Getting to hear the unedited and then the polished finished versions of the same episode is very interesting indeed. Mobile Assault Smash House turned out beautifully.

    Mikey, your voice during Author On Author seemed to oscillate between Tom Hiddleston and Winston Churchill (or maybe Alfred Hitchcock). That's not meant as a slight at all, I found it hilarious.

    Seeing the video while you are recording is in and of itself worth the price of patronize, IMO. Actually getting to see you guys break and crack up laughing at each other makes me smile so much. ♡

  2. BostonSean says:

    Kris: "I am turned off by firefly because it's fans feel the show is beyond reproach therefor i'm hesitant to like Nathan Filion" (paraphrasing a little)
    Mikey: "What? Nathan Filion is beyond reproach!!!"

  3. Connor_Rosine says:

    The live tweeting was an absolute blast. Getting you guys to trip up even for a second over the absurdly long, cliche filled book title was the best. A++++ Would recommend best podcast ever Mikey+Kris+Connor BFFs forever

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      Awww. Thanks! Yeah, I realized as we were doing the books that you guys were making them as long as you could — luckily the 140 character limit saved us a bit there, haha.

  4. thehess2 says:

    Kris – Since you are a guy with a girl's name, it was fitting that you ended up with a female author. The fact that @RedditParenting favorited my book title tweet within minutes of posting it made things that much more surreal. Nicely done – you wouldn't have known that that was the first time you'd done the recording with a live audience.

  5. RoboGoofers says:

    Good lord:
    Holmes and yoyo- http://youtu.be/m8UweuBB8wM

  6. LMcCJ says:

    10/10 on the quiz! I did have the advantage of being alive and watching these shows. It was like a walk down Memory Lane with Holmes and Yoyo and AKA Pablo. I kept waiting for more of my favorites, A Year at the Top, Getting Together…sigh.

    I missed the live stream and was wondering what was going on "behind the scenes" during Author on Author but, as soon as you upped the romance 30% I forgot all about it.

    Great show.

  7. Loving the show guys! And your show loves me!

  8. Steamlord177 says:

    I didn't participate because I didn't have one of those newfangled Tweeter doohickeys. Next time, I'll be ready.

  9. Kyle_Douglas says:

    My favorite quote: “I didn't know it was a Hamburger place, I'm six!”

    I'm going to offer up some vindication for Kris: Nathan Fillion is the only reason I started watching Castle and is at least 70% of the reason I've kept watching it. The other 30% is it being a pretty good show, but I'd never recommend it to anyone because I am completely tainted by Firefly.

    That being said, I think Kris might get a kick out of the most direct Firefly reference they ever did on the show (first 32 seconds), since it's right in line with his opinion.

    Commercials: Both this week got those nice last-second “turn it up a notch” turns that I'm so fond of. The background anguish in Kris' was particularly well done.
    Quiz: Mikey bested me on Bueller and Maids, I got Wisher and Disco. An unexciting 7-7 tie finish.

    I'm glad so much of the ending back-and-forth was left in, since that type of genuine discussion/debate is often my favorite part of the show.

    I do think that 15 minutes is too long for a fake interview not to drag (I shared a similar opinion back in 67) and thought the first segment's tighter Book Hole was… that was a poor choice of adjective.
    Obviously this was a special case with audience input, so the longer length may be necessary.

    Seeing both versions definitely gives an interesting viewpoint. I was fully prepared to caution against giving the show a “Colbert Platinum” vibe with catering to the Patreons so much, but editing out the mid-segment bits that weren't intended for air makes that issue much less of a factor. The removal of that context definitely gives the show a different feel than when I initially heard it.

    Above all this I need to stress my personal enjoyment at having a video feed of the show available once again. At certain points it has added value (Mikey's raised eyebrows and “uh, okay” smiles during the medication conversation are completely lost in the audio version), but more importantly I just have a noticeably stronger reaction to the show in general with the added visuals due to factors like sympathetic laughter.

    Overall, I give it a 2 out of 10.
    Oh, the new 25% leaner intro is also pretty kickin'

  10. SheanaM says:

    Oh boy, that quiz got me GOOD. Nothing walks that wobbly fine line between Real and Fake quite like ridiculous failed TV shows from back in the day. and it's funny hearing y'all talk about how 'everything was detective/cop shows back then' – that's exactly how i feel about TV these days! I guess this stuff goes in circles.

    The moment I heard the bit title of 'Author On Author', I knew *exactly* how it was going to end. Hah.

    Video games! Did somebody mention video games? I've beaten Pre-Sequel on singleplayer, so now I need co-op games to invade. Dammit, Mikey.

  11. ThomasG says:

    great show, folks. the commercials and quiz were great and on par with the vast body of chainsawsuit podcasts, but I think the improvised dialogue was notably snappy and wanted to mention it.

  12. @valan says:

    I like the new intro music, is it original?

    • krisstraub says:

      mikey licensed it – if it starts showing up in car commercials, i'm going to just write the next one

  13. stise says:

    Kris' character in the Author on Author segment was very appropriate for National Talk a Whole Lot About the Novel you Aren't Actually Writing Month.

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