Episode 78 – The Dakota Fanning of Bruce Waynes



Len Peralta of Geek a Week and Exterminite joins us on this outsized show! This monster is its own nightmare, with:

  • Talking Exterminite, with Issue 1 of the new nightmare-killing mini-series on Amazon and Comixology now!
  • The trouble with Gotham
  • The Netflix Superiority
  • Mikey challenges Len and Kris with a comic book quiz-off
  • A deep tear on some unsavory ghosts in Len’s house

Plus for the first time ever, the show ran so long I split off the rest of the ghost stories. You can find them at our Patreon for free!

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34 Responses to Episode 78 – The Dakota Fanning of Bruce Waynes

  1. still incensed about cobblers, grunts, crumbles, clafoutis, tarts, pies, and all manner of other UNJUSTLY MALIGNED FRUIT DESSERTS

  2. Kyle_Douglas says:

    Kyle Horner = The Superior Kyle™
    This = Second Time Segment 1 Discarded, One More = Chainsawsuit: The Lost Episode
    Kris Remembering a Podcast Moment Neither Mikey or Myself Did = Impressive.
    Mikey Not Liking Gotham = Good = Better Show Soon. Precedent = SHIELD.
    Best Moment = "Zero to Sixty? It Does That"
    Quiz Score = 2½. Kris + Me = Tim Drake Mistake
    Ghost Discussions = Double-Good.
    Fakeout Endings = Becoming Overused? Me = Don't Care. Double-Plus Good.
    Definitively Surpassing Tweet Me Harder Episode Count = Congrats!

    Too Long Comments Last Week + ChubStop Injection = High Efficiency Comment Recharge Cycle

  3. Jay Magnum says:

    It's pretty funny hearing Mikey realizing he's getting too mad about ghosts and trying to be nicer. Great podcast this week.

  4. Steamlord177 says:

    To my knowledge, Cannibal Holocaust is actually the earliest found footage horror film (1980). I definitely prefer The Blair Witch Project though, and I don't think I would ever recommend Cannibal Holocaust to anyone.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      I talked about Cannibal Holocaust on the podcast a couple of times … that's a film where even seeing a _still_ image from it is enough to ruin your day.

      • giggleloop says:

        You have…? I have no memory of that. Maybe you just *think* you have. (I reserve the right to stand corrected, should I happen across it during my relistenings.)

        Also, no thanks. Gross gory stuff is a no go for me. True story: I saw Hostel completely cold, had no idea it was even a horror movie going in. Only knew the title. My god. I don't know why I didn't walk out, I was probably in shock? But since then, I can't watch anything gory without getting lightheaded or nauseous. Realistically I know it's not real, but it doesn't matter. :(

        Hence I shall never be able to enjoy Hannibal either. Sorry, Mads Mikkelson and other really hot guy.

  5. giggleloop says:

    Bad times that moods were sour. But good on you for explaining & recording a new A block. Although, avoiding past-future spoilers is a new and interesting problem to have.

    I enjoyed both of your Geek-A-Week podcasts equally, no need to choose between them. Tied for first. :)

    I really do hope the Exterminite problem (I hesitate to call it that. Situation? Conundrum?) can be solved for future issues. Because I really love it and want it to continue, but it should be financially viable too. I mean, I've got my hustle on as hard as it's possible to do, but I'm only one person (quite honestly, without a ton of friends either). From the bits you've hinted at for future issues, I'm excited to see where the story goes. (oh god, I just had a thought. Please, don't Joss us. Don't kill Nat. Oh god…*commence freakout*)

    The other "direct to" joke I remember was Kris saying that Mikey's Sex In The City 4 nude scene would go "direct to the camera it was filmed on". So good.

    $50 million is such a ridiculous amount of money for me to conceive of – yes please ruin all my things (of which I have none, but still.)

    Gotham is trying to do too much, from what I've seen. I think they thought if they didn't throw the entire Rogue's Gallery in there from the start, no one would watch. It's too much, guys! Come on.

    "During part three, I'm right behind you." Granted, I'm not there yet, but way to past-future-creep me out.

    Mikey, your car commercial voice is spot on. I wouldn't mind that Yankee Candle feature one bit. Does Kia offer that? Maybe I can get it aftermarket from Crutchfield or something.

    Quiz! I guessed on a few, but not bad! 5/9.

    Oh god, Namor the Sub-Mariner. For some reason I found him hilarious when I was a teen. When I started getting into comics, specifically X-Men, I got one of those special summer magazine things they put out that was supposed to be like a "swimsuit edition" for Marvel characters (woof). And the pinup of Namor got hung up on my wall so I could chuckle at it every day. I don't know why I found him so funny, I don't even think I've ever read a Namor comic. Maybe it's because I always pronounced it submarINE-er, not sub-MARiner. (I make my own fun.)

    St. Louis style cracker-like thin crust pizza is also a round pizza cut into square pieces. Those little triangles on the "corners" are the best! I guess it must be a Midwest thing.

    Mikey "Enjoy what you enjoy, love what you love – unless it's SORRENTO'S! For the love of god! Noooooo!" Neumann.

    I'm glad my question got you talking about horror! Yay!! Insidious was one for me that swung wildly between "this is the dumbest movie I've ever seen" and "oh fuck turn on all the lights in the house I'm scared". That movie is all over the place. Scream is one of my favorites too. It works so well with setting up tension even when you've seen it & know what's going to happen. It still makes me tense to this day. (Although, as previously documented, I'm an easy mark.)

    After seeing The Conjuring, I'd *really* hoped they would make a movie about the Warrens with Patrick Wilson & Vera Farmiga reprising those roles. They were so good! Instead we got Annabelle. Meh.

    "Look behind you" reminds me of that night that Mikey was streaming & his Kinect went nuts, zooming in behind him. Spoooooky. :)

    I'd delve into my ghost stories, but this is already Douglassian in length. Well cast, gents. Now onto the extras.

  6. BostonSean says:

    I'm not sure why mikey is so offended at someone else's beliefs, using the super natural to explain the explainable is probably the oldest thing humans have ever done. Do you think we've come so far as a society to stop doing that? Don't be ridicules even as space faring civilization in the distant future we will still use spirits to as scapegoats and guides. Even Chakotay went on vision quests!

    If I could share a quick 'ghost' story. When i was in college I had a GameCube and one night i turned it on and instead of the starting chime the game cube giggled at me. And it scared the shit out of me for some reason. I honestly couldn't sleep that night, i had never heard that noise before.
    YEARS LATER! AKA 2 MONTHS AGO! I found out that if you held the L and R triggers when you turned on the game cube it made that giggle so seriously I went ten years happy to think my gamecube that one time made scary sounds for no real reason.
    one last thought, haunted raggedy anne doll is WAY FUCKING SCARIER then the 'scary' doll they used in the movie. When i saw those ads I thought "why would someone buy a doll like that?" but now I know its based on a Raggedy Anne doll… god that's terrifying.

    • giggleloop says:

      There is a doc on Netflix with one of the Amityville kids, I think it's called My Amityville Horror? But it has the actual Lorraine Warren in it & they show her house/museum with the room of "cursed objects" including the real Annabelle doll, which is a Raggedy Ann doll. If you want to see it. Boogedy boogedy. :)

      • BostonSean says:

        I most certainly DO NOT want to see it because i enjoy sleep. As much as i'm a rational human being my sub conscious is not, that guy is fucked up!

  7. ThomasG says:

    The following is, admittedly, overly opinionated. Weird mood today.

    Len: Commit! You don't get to say "I can't Sophie's choice that." That is the point. It's the choice that you cannot make but must make. I agree that The Thing was cool. And it's often difficult to determine if something mundane fell in your house if nothing breaks. I recall looking at the same thing repeatedly while I searched the room only to later piece together that it fell. It was just another thing on the floor.

    Mikey: Some people don't like the texture of loose, wet oil on their pizza. They might get that it's naturally a main part of the cheese (or good cheese, at least). No, this doesn't fix the texture issue if the separated grease is out of control. The corporate side of Cabin in the Woods really worked for me; I'm also surprised it didn't work for Kris.

    Kris: Given my respect for your horroring, I'm simultaneously joyful and disappointed that your max terror is found in a permutation of the title "Hey, there's a spider on your back." (KiTH FTW)

  8. Chloister says:

    I guess we now know where the inspiration for Ichabod Crane's hard stance against ghosts came from!

  9. LMcCJ says:

    If anyone is on the fence about Exterminite–Get it, it's wonderful and (cue Mikey commercial guy voice) can now be yours for the low introductory price of just a buck ninety-nine.

    Chub Stop–sorry I can only think of some guy needing this after 4 hours. What were you selling, Kris?

    1/9 on the quiz. I only knew that Archie died, because I read newspapers. Well, newspapers, Exterminite, and Borderlands.

    I still suffer flashbacks from having watched Trainspotting, and The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover. There is no way I'm watching horror of any kind. Make me laugh, I say.

    Welcome, Len. Mikey's Geek-a-Week was too long ago to remember but, I liked his sketch better. I just don't think Kris's Sorrento's tolerance comes through in his sketch. 😉

    Loved the mid-sentence blow particularly because we knew Mikey was keyed up during the original segment 1–nice bookends. May we listen to the deleted segment in Patreon?

  10. frostyplum says:

    Alternate title for this episode: The Sandler Mythos

    As a lifelong Midwesterner, I was NOT too happy about the suggestion of wiping my home region from existence. I'm grateful to Len for representing, and would like to add that I've eaten Donato's pizza several times. I haven't had it in years, but their Hawaiian pizza (yes, I know) is delightful. It's got almonds and cinnamon on it; it's really more of a dessert pizza. Just try it, you'll like it. And yes, pizza cut into squares is a Midwest thing. I could take or leave it.

    I don't see nearly as many horror (or any) movies as I'd like, but I agree about horror movies starting off great and then fizzling. I watched Grave Encounters for its ghost hunting reality show parody angle, which, if they'd stuck with it, could have been really good. They messed with the notion of not being able to leave, like turning down corridors and there not being a door where there was previous – very House of Leaves-style. They also toyed with time: their watches/cameras would say 10 in the morning, but it was still pitch black out with no explanation, which I dug. But once they showed an actual ghost, it totally lost me. It was just downhill from there.

    Odd thing about the Annabelle doll: the weekend before Halloween, I visited a nearby cemetery (more because it was a gorgeous day out than Halloween proximity, and hey, I like cemeteries). It's a huge place that's still being used; whenever I visit, I never see anyone walking around except actual mourners. This time I not only saw a woman enjoying the scenery, we talked for a little bit. Annabelle came up, and even though I have no interest in seeing the film, I knew exactly who she was talking about when she mentioned the couple who owned the doll in real life. I just thought it was strange that we'd form such an immediate bond over ghosts and creepy dolls, and then part ways so quickly.

    Really, I find it much scarier that Len couldn't find the source of the noise. Then it could have been ANYTHING. It could have been a spectral cannon. Or spectral timpani. Or just SOMEthing spectral, dammit. Thanks for putting the rest of the ghost stories up for free, although I would have understood if they'd been behind a paywall.

    Alternate alternate title: The Ghost Is Jewish

  11. bismar says:

    Very fun cast! The quiz had me pausing and going to wikipedia for each question to find out what the story was there.

    I too am from the Midwest, and am crazy Donatos. I get some whenever I go back.

    But… is Mikey watching the same Gotham I am? After an awkward first episode, the show basically seems like a crime procedural that's happening during a mob war. Plenty of Harvey and Jim being good pals, plenty of plots that aren't just cheesy hooks to the Batman universe. It's not perfect, but it seems to be what you're asking for at least.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      You are correct. Jim and Bullock have definitely become more buddy/buddy and the mob war aspect is working.

      I think what's bugging me is a) Fish Mooney thinks she's on a totally different show than she is and b) stuff like Edgward Nigma continuing to show up, Bruce showing up, Alfred being at a crime scene (wth?)

  12. Nick says:

    The production value of the commercials has gotten so good that I find myself zoning out on them as if they were real. I miss half the joke before I realize the show hasn't paused and I'm not waiting for the hosts to return!

    There are many things about Gotham that bug me, but one of the things that has me practically shouting at the screen is when they show Bruce Wayne, in his MANSION, he is ALWAYS in the same room! We even see him sleeping there!

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      Those ascots aren't going to not wash themselves!

      Oh. They are? He has a staff of like 40?

      Well, he should take a shower then. He smells like a high school basketball team.

  13. SheanaM says:

    Oop, got a bit behind in my commenting. I blame several factors, up to and including Mikey's new game.

    Only missed 1-2 of the quiz questions, hah! I may not have bought much in the way of comics over the last few years, but the amount of general comics knowledge I've absorbed through sheer osmosis (and curious googling) is pretty ridiculous. And hey, Namor's a hoot, and way better than Aquaman! He's just this massive egotistical undersea douchebag (and apparently one of the first canon mutants) that hates everybody and wrecks shit.

    The timing of the Shining talk is pretty funny – I watched The Shining for the very first time just last night. And I whole-heartedly agree on how the atmosphere you watch a movie in can really influence how well it goes over with and affects you! My dad saw the first Alien movie in an empty dark theater that had the AC on high, so when he walked out afterwards he was shaking and beside himself. When I saw The Dark Knight for the first time, it was pretty much the perfect theater experience and took the movie to a whole 'nother level.

    And with the spooky stuff, even if you KNOW it's all not-real and dumb, it can really get you. I remember visiting relatives on the farm in my adolescence, and we'd watched Burton's Sleepy Hollow one night. Thought it was pretty fun, hadn't felt overly scared, but then it turned out to be my turn to go sleep outside in the camper van (there were so many of us on the farm because of the visit we had to scramble for bedding). Between the small but thick and dark copse of trees nearby and the constant horse noises coming from the stables, I think I huddled out there by myself in the night for less than an hour before I charged back inside and switched out with another family member.

    And I'll firmly disagree on the pizza grease issue! It's not necessarily a matter of trying to cut calories – too much grease in certain forms can seriously upset the digestion and general insides of people. I blot the grease from my pizza to avoid going through guttyworks hell later on in the night!

    Phew, that ghost conversation. Was surprised to find the cut extra section was only ten minutes – if it was only a matter of that much I say either leave it all in, or cut earlier! It's okay if the show goes long, iPods have the option to remember your place in a podcast! But damn. *Damn*. Mikey is *really* Mad About Ghosts.

  14. Connor_Rosine says:

    I'm really curious about Kris' thoughts on P.T., given the game's use of "look behind you."

  15. SCH says:

    Just at the car commercial – "set your climate control to August" got me hard, "scored a perfect YES" close second

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