Episode 73 – So Dope Crazy


After coming back to center in last week’s show, after going mad in the episode two weeks ago, Kris and Mikey drop an episode that just might be the single most insaniest episode of all time.

Of over-statements, we feel that it’s an under-statement.

  • Mikey is missing and it seems that Business Friends might have something to do with that
  • Mikey and Kris go green
  • Mikey and Kris give up on green
  • A new show premieres
  • Man, I dunno, there seems to be a lot of gunshots in this episode. Was that on purpose? Kris? Do you any thoughts on that?
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45 Responses to Episode 73 – So Dope Crazy

  1. MikeyNeumann says:

    Hey, I'm Mikey Neumann from the Chainsawsuit Podcast, ask me anything (and I'm sure there will be many questions) about this week's show!

    • Peter Chordash says:

      Was there any particular recent event that inspired the Business Friends telephone tree bit? You guys played it so well, straight, and on point, even though I knew it was part of the show, I was getting legitimately frustrated from Kris being stuck in the phone tree.

    • Giggleloop says:

      Did you actually use the slurping from your Dr Pepper cup sound from last week for the bong noise this week?

      • MikeyNeumann says:

        Ha! Nope. That's actually a sound I downloaded for a water bong for like a dollar.

        • Giggleloop says:

          For some reason, the fact that you purchased a bong noise for that joke, is cracking me up. I cannot stop laughing.

          Surely that should have come free with purchase of your emoji packs?

    • LMcCJ says:

      How many words/pages was the "prerecorded" phone tree background chatter?

    • LeadMagnet says:

      I don't know if last week's title had me looking out for it, but the audio pan on the police siren in the opening seconds of Bear Creek is delightful. Those dudes are flying!

      • MikeyNeumann says:

        Having a sound library of sounds with pans already in them can be quite the savior :) Sometimes we have to pan them ourselves, and that can be a mess of aggravation.

  2. Kyle_Douglas says:

    Business Friends rides again! And Greg Producemen finds a voice like… 40 episodes after his last appearance? Just when you think you're out, the chainsawiverse continuity drags you back in! Even if I don't think it quite hit the instant-classic "Electronic Treason Confessions" level of the original Business Friends bit, I thought it was great and really enjoyed it. Optimus Blind, Dining Boats, "Got a Dog?", Highlandish Minute, Jenathan, "Kris filll this in?", Cyle, Jeffster Crossover Event, and the cipher all being things that made me laugh.

    Little down note of the week: I was fairly glad when Mikey put a dead stop on the "waffles" bit, since I wasn't finding it very funny (except for Kris' aggressive laugh). I think it may have worked better if you'd gone full meta and were pretending to be pretending to be high to deliberately rebrand yourself as "Munchie Butt Friends" on the advice of Business Friends.

    A solid, solid quiz from Tamara. I agreed with Kris and Mikey on 6 out of the 10. The 4 we disagreed on ended up being a wash, resulting in a 7 point tie. Since Tamara said she cut it from 24 to 10 questions, I knew there had to be more great titles out there, so here's my personal supplement to the quiz. The answers are at the very bottom of this comment.

    1. Murder Had a Little Lamb: A Reigning Cats and Dogs Mystery
    2. Death Threads: A Southern Sewing Circle Mystery
    3. To Die, Press Any Key: A Techno-Murder Mystery
    4. These Haunts Are Made For Walking: A Haunted Tour Guide Mystery
    5. Coming to You Dead, On Location: A Channel 13 News Mystery

    I'm sure the fans of Ghost Snake Murder Squad and IMdB Cop loved Bear Creek. I definitely like those fun, silly concepts; but they don't generally hit me at the "laugh out loud" level that things like Business Friends do. Except for that "gun to the city" bit, that was pure gold.
    Closing with a high energy fake ending gag is always a winner with me.

    Final Tally:
    Business Friends II: Return of the Greg – Gold Medal
    Munchie Butt Friends – Bronze Medal
    Bear Creek – Silver Medal

    For an overall score of:

    … they'll never get me to "upgrade" from my emoticons to emojis. Never.
    1. Real, 2. Real, 3. Fake, 4. Real, 5. Fake

    • krisstraub says:

      the pot thing is interesting because of its (1) potential for future joke experimentation and its (2) further proof of my dislike of improv structures. i am a big cranky guy when it comes to going down any kind of deep improv hole with no escape, so here i thought "i'm not gonna be a spoilsport for once, i will go along with it." turns out we actually both did not want to play high and were doing it for the other person!

      the lesson i learned: breaking the sanctity of improv is more desirable than ever!

      • MikeyNeumann says:

        *Saying in nicest way possible*

        One bit going wrong does not mean all improv is bad considering how often it produces great things for us. Our entire show is an "improv structure" in that we're on the spot making things up for damn near all of it.

        The pot bit was dumb because neither of us likes pot humor, *NOT* because we had to come up with the bit on the fly.

        Thank you and love you,

        • krisstraub says:

          no no — all improv is dumb and bad. good humor has to be machined and gridded out until it's cold and dead inside, like my idol: the noble glacier

          • Kyle_Douglas says:

            As the icy wind kicked up once again, Mikey tried to bundle his frost-covered parka closer and pulled the fur lined hood tighter around his head. It had been nearly 3 days since he set out from the Sports Chalet in Hoonah. The resident Tlingit had begged him not to attempt the journey on foot while also begging him to join the Sports Chalet “Chaleteers” customer loyalty and discount program.

            Mikey had ignored both pieces of advice. Every year, without fail, Kris ventured alone into Alaska's Glacier Bay, just outside the Yukon. He'd told Mikey many times of these pilgrimages and that every trip he'd returned with new found focus and new ideas. Candle Cove, Two Cops, Broodhollow: they'd all come from the glacier.

            Mikey backtracked in his mind. He should have said, “every year, without fail, until now.” For that was the entire reason he was here. Kris hadn't come home this time. Mikey knew that he'd have sought out his friend's fate regardless, but guilt weighed heavy on his mind since this year Kris had invited him to come… and he'd said no. He'd made excuses, but in truth he feared the raw power of the glacier and the undeniable sculpting of Kris' mind it had made over the years like a razor's edge.

            Mikey couldn't help wondering if Kris would be safely back home recording a podcast with him right now if he'd had the courage to go with him.

            But now he was here anyway, alone. Lamplugh Glacier filled his entire line of sight as Mikey peered out the tiny opening of his hood. An uneasiness swept over him and he took his first step onto the glacier proper. The eight mile sheet of ice seemed to turn its focus entirely on his shivering body.
            Mikey fought off the imposing feeling as his eyes caught sight of a slight flicker of light from a cave carved into the side of the frozen behemoth. There was no doubt in his mind that if there were any answers to be found… they would be inside.

            – Excerpt from “The Frozen Heart of Humor: An Alaskan Glacial Mystery”

            About the Author: I Ate Some Waffles.

          • MikeyNeumann says:

            *adjusts goggles symbolic of plucky work ethic*

            Yes, sir. Back to the mines it is, then! This glacier ain't gonna mine itself!

      • Chloister says:

        "Turns out we actually both did not want to play high and were doing it for the other person!"

        That's sweet. Friendship :).

  3. Ricky says:

    I went and read the blurb for Freezer I'll Shoot. So many puns… so many…

    This was a great podcast, but I'm glad you killed the high bit. I've never much… liked that sort of thing.

  4. grammar enthusiast says:


  5. ThomasG says:

    I keep listening to the Moist Boys commercial / segment 3. awesome stuff all around, but, you know, it gets frustrating hearing that phone tree. That's the point. Wheras there's something comforting in hearing reality tv "stars" (*spoilers ahead?*) in violent situations.

  6. frostyplum says:

    *cracks knuckles* As an amateur ghost expertress, I'd like to point out that haunted home renovation makes total sense When you shake up their space, that's when ghosts kick up the most resistance and become the most active: I've heard dozens of tales like the following: "Yeah, we had nothing for a long, long time…then we put an addition on, and stuff started disappearing, the lights kept going out…" etc. If I didn't enjoy your guys' day jobs so much, I'd say leap on that ghost hunting/house flipping show idea and ride that pony to stardom.

    Also as an intermediate knittrix, Borf's scarves and his flow hit just the right notes. You underestimate the power of rhyme on the textile arts.

  7. LMcCJ says:

    (Love the serifs!)

    Fantastic Phone Tree! I cannot believe how many On Hold words came out of Mikey's mouth, *plus* the background music. I would love to be entwined in that tree!

    You hang in there, Mikey. I hear JLaw is tiring of that singer–too old to keep up.

    7/10 on Tamara's quiz
    3/5 on the Kyle Kwiz

    I was ready to download some Moist Boys until you got to Humid. No thanks.

    "Is this Florida? Can we stand our ground?' –great line

  8. Gurk says:

    It's definitely the second pronunciation of Tamara. Tuh-mair-uh. But the other way sounds fancier. It's how my grandma always said it (she was from England). Never Tammy, yuck.

    None of them were kids books. I will now continue listening.

    I can't believe how many times I've already heard "Tammy".

    All the best,
    Tamara of Tamara's quiz

  9. Old Windways says:

    I think Kris at some point mentioned the television show "Gun" from the 90's https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_(TV_series)

    I believe that the entire six episode run is available free on Hulu. I can not comment on it quality since it has just been sitting in my queue and remains unwatched, but the cast/crew sounds pretty star-studded.

  10. BostonSean says:

    I just bought a house,
    well more accurately my wife and I just bought a house.
    well even more accurately my wife just bought a house and i watched, her credit is the stuff legends are made of.
    The build up to buying a house of course is filled with 8 hour marathons of HGTV where they play nothing but home renovation or home purchasing shows. Sometimes the show is about choosing between a renovation or buying a home. That's really all that network airs.
    That makes think that a show about buying haunted properties and exorcising them and flipping them for a profit would just be awesome.
    "My name is Garret McLauster, I'm an excommunicated priest with an eye for real estate. When a home is occupied by non corporeal occupant it drives the price way low and that's when I step in. I buy the house, modernize the kitchen, install a new bathroom and rid the walls of tormented spirits from beyond human understanding, then turn a cool profit. I'm the House Unhaunter" (or maybe Ghost evictor)

    "This week, on a special episode of House Busters Garret finds a turn of the century victorian style home right outside of Newark with one ghastly problem. The former owner won't leave!"
    Current owner "so durring the day it's our dream house but after sundown well…"
    Garret "It's a poltergeist party!"
    Current owner "Well, yeah i guess you could call it that? Anyway we bought a condo on the other side of town and no one wants to buy the place"
    Garret "I'll bet we can scare up a deal"

    well i would watch that show

  11. @MrBildango says:

    I went ahead and wrote a fanfiction for this episode. I couldn't help myself. http://mrbildango.tumblr.com/post/98850311461/bli

  12. Wade says:

    This was really good. Never listened to one of these before, but this was fantastic.

    "So it's like the… the Quake 2… okay… two g's…"

  13. @kindatrue says:

    This was really good. Never listened to one of these before, but this was fantastic.

  14. Red Light says:

    Oh that Greg, what a kidder. Nice to hear that he landed on his feet, that guy has too much talent to go to waste. Also glad to see that he remembers the good, old days as well. What a kidder!

  15. Chloister says:

    The Moist Boys(Boyz?) sound a little like Pearl Jam.

    You can bet your ass I'm going to fit "good god gilly goo" into regular conversation. SheeOOT!

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