Episode 70 – Venti Vidi Vici – Live from PAX!


The live show is here! Kris and Mikey take the stage and put on a show for the ages (1871-1951 only).

They discuss almost not making it to the panel (again,) new sponsors, quizzes for the audience, and they choose topics live from audience suggestions. (Also, Mikey’s dad takes the stage with Kris because PAX is awesome.)

Also, here is the full, uncut panel video from PAX’s Hedgehog Theater! Thanks to @aioua for separating it out.

Watch live video from PAX2 on Twitch

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21 Responses to Episode 70 – Venti Vidi Vici – Live from PAX!

  1. Kyle_Douglas says:

    Pre-comment-ramble linkification: If you didn't catch Mikey's keynote, check it out HERE
    If you didn't check out Kris during the Gauntlet tournament, rest assured he did spectacularly and rose above all others as Champion Eternal of the dungeons. No link necessary. Just trust me, that's totally what happened.

    Moving on to the actual show: It's definitely a shame you got set up against the panel behemoth that is Acquisitions. At least the fact that Kris opened for that panel as well turns it into some sort of terribly honorable panel seppuku.
    The unavoidable lower energy of the room was made up for by temporarily filling the void in my heart since the video podcast went away. Check out that sweet HD receipt unfolding action by Mikey!

    Some of the Q&A was ah… interesting (that's the nice way to say cringe inducing, right?). I suppose that's a natural consequence of fan interaction without some sort of pre-vetting process.
    On the other hand, Susie and particularly Shane did very well: so major kudos to them.

    Speaking of Shane and Susie, that quiz took me to Meat Mountain by butchering me with the last 3 questions. I fear the dark future resulting from the 6 point stalemate between the Douglas Dynasty and Mikey's Reich spearheaded by Shane.

    Favorite Kris moments: "KY Centennial", "Brace Yourself: Self-dentistry", "It looks like a ransom note", hamster cage bottle feeding baby, Purell commercial, beef spigot, Vernon Shasta, 212Never War, "Buy some toothpaste", I Am Become Anubis.

    Favorite Mikey moments: "She loved Ladyhawke", “alternating between Impact and Comic Sans”, 'I'm Not a Real Waitress' anecdote, cromulent (autowin reference), Sonicgasm, coffee reaction, "I become multiple Katee Sackhoffs?!", "Third Member of Penny Arcade"

    The Sonicgasm was probably my personal favorite, but it does shine a light on an unfortunate truth: Kris and Mikey's hilarious shenanigans have always just been window dressing for what I really came here for: a podcast with a Matt Smith lookalike.
    But that era is behind us now and the time has come to seek out a podcast with a Peter Capaldi lookalike; NPR is bound to have some in stock. So long, and thanks for all the Groilers.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      All in all, it was a great show. Though the audience was a bit smaller than usual, I think we made the most of it and put on a good show. We certainly had fun.

      Highlights for me:

      – The actual surprise of having the Venti Vidi Vici delivered to us on stage. That was incredible.
      – My dad taking the stage.
      – Kris's Purell commericial absolutely killed.
      – The quiz (obviously).
      – Having fans of Movies with Mikey (which I was not expecting) in the audience.

      • TysonFoods says:

        Throughout PAX, people I spoke to were all moved by your speech. This ridiculous GamerGate is becoming difficult to experience, and I hope you were able to remind us that we're all human beings.

        Highlights for me:
        -Being able to watch Mikey keynote on Twitch whenever I want
        -Being able to watch Chainsawsuit 70 on Twitch whenever I want
        -Being able to watch Gearbox panel on Twitch whenever I want and seethe in jealousy that they all got the season pass the one year I didn't make it to the Gearbox panel!

  2. Liz says:

    This episode was fantastic and made me ever more sad for missing PAX this year. It had the right mixture of jokes, audience interaction, and some sentimental stuff. And it was funny. Like I had to run to the bathroom because I laughed so hard I almost peed funny. I also had a good chuckle an hour later when I was in Starbucks and looking at all the syrups. (No, I did not order the Venti Vidi Vici.) Now I will watch the video stream, because it would be interesting to see the experience.

  3. Giggleloop says:

    Gave me just as much joy to listen this morning as it did watching it over the weekend. Yes, I skipped watching D&D for y'all. That's Chainsawsuitor dedication. :) It sucks that you guys got schedule-boned but it made for an intimate show. Silver lining.

    Plus it's great to actually *see* you both doing the show. I've missed your FACES. It's a whole other experience to actually see one of you cracking up laughing. Thanks for bringing some joy to my day/week/existence, boys. Keep it up. :)

  4. Chloister says:

    You'll have to step up your beverage next year. They could have added Chai, Ophrah Chai, Chocolate, and White Chocolate. Maybe even Dark Caramel, Peach, and Blackberry, if they still had any left from the summer promos. It would have been like a syrup misto: half steamed milk, have syrup. Mmh!

    Also, I appreciate how you handled the dog comment. That must have been awkward, you did really well on the fly.

    Thanks for being funny folk!

    • PJ says:

      I actually asked for All The Syrup, and they stopped listing them on the receipt. Pumpkin spice was NOT on the receipt either, but was added.

      The barista poured some out into small cups and made Reid, the enforcer, and me try it. It is an experienece, and slightly pink due to raspberry.

      • Chloister says:

        The raspberry goes a long way. Too far, if you ask me!

        My coworkers and I joke about trying an "All the Syrup" latte, but have never actually done it. Now I feel I SHOULD. Need to be prepared if anyone asks: "So how is the Venti Vidi Vici? I hear it's what Kris Straub and Mikey Neumann drink. Exclusively".

  5. Emimonster says:

    but… but… but… WotC gave us PinnyArcade pins! My hands were tied!

  6. ThomasG says:

    good show, guys
    having the fake drink show up in real life must have been pretty sweet. and now i want to have a VVV. which sounds like a weird stutter to say.

  7. party noob says:

    Awesome show. Saw you guys last year at the Triple Door and was not disappointed by your presentation this year! Wish I could've seen Mikey's keynote speech, my brother was raving about how much of an impact it made on him.

    I've also been waiting for this vid to get uploaded because I really really wanted to see your expressions when I told my run-on anti-joke at 54:45 and omfg Mikey the bafflement. Thanks for being good sports.

  8. LMcCJ says:

    Only listened, so far. Will hopefully get a chance to watch on Monday.

    5 on the quiz. But, I'm calling a lawyer. The "Hot Pocket" threw me for exactly the reason Mikey stated. Grrr. I liked the way Shane thought things through though.

    Nick No-Last-Name, c'mon! Are you one of us, or not? You had a good topic, like you've done this before. And we have Nicks aplenty. Reveal yourself!

    Mr. Neumann did such a good job, on the fly, I'd say next year you mix in a little Straubusiness. Meet the chainsawsuit 'Rents! Gold.

    Next stop, PAXSouth. I can think of a couple of people who will *rush* to the microphone, potentially injuring others in the process. Can't wait for that southern flavor.

    • Giggleloop says:

      If you’re referring to me, I can guarantee you that there is no WAY I’m rushing to any microphone. If a microphone were anywhere near me, I’d rush in the OTHER direction. Good lord, I’d tremble apart if I had to speak. In public. Nope. NOPE. (Sorry boys. Love ya, but sorry.)

      • LMcCJ says:

        Listen to me, young lady. You are representing ALL of us. You have months to prepare a great topic and practice reading it off an index card. This isn't about you. For King and Country! For the Glory! For Truth, Justice and the American Way! Goddammit, Becky, just do it! (TM)

        • Giggleloop says:

          Perhaps I didn't make clear my usual method of contact: my move is to fret over what to say, finally get the nerve to type it (never speak it aloud, are you kidding me?!), press Send, and then run away forever & hide.

          So if by some chance I end up in front of a mic, you better hope there is a cleared path, free of obstacles, for the subsequent running and hiding.

          TL:DR – are you kidding? I can't talk to boys! *hides*

  9. Seth Courrégé says:

    Congrats on another liveshow under your belts, guys!

    High points:

    – Love that the reasons for being late made a reappearance. The jokes last time were a bit snappier and cleaner, but still.

    – Loved the quiz, and the SS’s were great contestants

    – The appearance of the Trip-Vs was amazing. Kudos to whomever made that happen.

    – Lots of little exchanges typical of the podcast peppered throughout that are too numerous to name.

    Low point:

    – The dog comment REALLY got under my skin and upset me for some reason. I don’t know why. Maybe it was the tipping point/ breaking point for all of the recent conflict in the video game community lately. Or maybe it hit me hard because Chainsawsuit is usually pretty friendly and ‘safe’. Whatever the reason, it really colored the rest of the podcast for me. Maybe it’s silly, but I honestly don’t think I can comfortably listen to this episode again.

    Worse, I don’t know that there’s necessarily a solution to that, other than screening questions or something, and even then people can say what they want to say. And to be clear, I don’t blame Kris and Mikey for this- they handled the comment and commenter rather well. I don’t even blame the guy asking the question. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say maybe it was a momentary lapse in judgement. Or he has trouble reading social clues and his audience. Anywho, sorry to ramble on the topic, I just felt strongly enough about it that I felt I had to discuss it.

    Now I’ll just go get a Trip-V and watch the latest Movies With Mikey to cheer myself up.

  10. Giggleloop says:

    So, I tried that VVV this weekend. I’m not entirely sure, because I didn’t watch, but they either didn’t put All The Syrups in, or they just went ham on the Hazelnut, because that was all I could taste (that, and the bitter bitter espresso). I also opted to skip the mint per suggestions.

    Full disclosure: I don’t drink coffee. Ever. And clearly it’s for the best, because despite having only 4 hours of sleep the night before, it not only didn’t give me any energy, it *took* what little I had. I went straight to “okay naptime”. Hmmph. So your mileage may vary vis a vis the VVV. But it was definitely an experience! :)

  11. @taijaCG says:

    Started listening to chainsawsuit right after missing this (although I did see Mikey's keynote, and have been reading the comic for years!) and finally just got this far! Throughly upset I didn't get to experience this in real life… maybe next PAX?

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