Episode 69 – Ghosties With Mikey


This week we venture into uncharted territory where Mikey must host alone, as Kris is enjoying the newfound lack of sleep that fatherhood is wont to provide. Mikey does many things this week including:

  • Talks to a ghost
  • Looks back fondly on that time he talked to a ghost
  • Talks about the new episode of Movies With Mikey on Ladyhawke that in embedded below for the benefit of mankind
  • Quizzes some special guests like Amy Berg, John Scalzi, and Bobak Ferdowsi
  • Looks back on some of Kris’s best of commercial moments

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25 Responses to Episode 69 – Ghosties With Mikey

  1. MikeyNeumann says:

    Hey, this is Mikey Neumann from the chainsawsuit podcast. Ask me anything about this week's show.

    • LMcCJ says:

      How long did it take to create the bit with Fully Headless Nick?

      Do you think exorcising a ghost would raise the ire of other ghosts, resulting in a full-on Ghost Rebellion or do you suppose they're loners? I'm thinking Ghostboosters might settle things more easily if they were Ghostbakers (in the cannibis sense of the word, just to be clear).

      • MikeyNeumann says:

        It took surprisingly less time than you might think. I got lucky, I think. I sat down to record a segment and saw the choose@ topic, so I just improv'd a conversation in order. From there, I hacked it down to just the good bits.

        I did not realize I was going to harass and ultimately murder Totally Headless Nick at the beginning of that segment, haha.

    • You rocked it solo, Mikey.

      With Kris possibly just as busy/tired in the coming weeks, what's the plan? Hiatus? More solo flights? Guest hosts? Kris just gon' soldier through? Some combination?

  2. Kyle_Douglas says:

    I'm going to use a really dirty word to describe the vibe of this episode: clip-show.
    Which is weird, since it's almost entirely unreleased content. That being said, I still enjoyed the quizzes as always and vastly preferred this sort of weird episode over no episode at all.

    Let's talk about the non-quiz-blitz stuff first: Congratulations to Kris and his wife and thanks to Kris Jr for sleeping long enough to give some Straubmann goodness to kick things off.
    I do get to issue my first Nerd Correction in quite awhile: "There's really only one, the Nublar island in the first [Jurassic Park], and then Sorna in the other three"
    The upcoming fourth Jurassic Park film is actually going back to Nublar.

    The concept of "ghost on ghost exorcisms" is probably my favorite thing from the episode.
    I am fairly concerned that Totally-Headless-Nick's ghostly aura has been the prime factor causing Mikey's long established "food snob" traits. This leads me to worry that I'll tune into the Twitch stream of 70 and be presented with Mikey trying to choke out jokes while double-fisting KFC and Red Lobster into himself.

    Quiz Blitz:
    Amy Berg Quiz: 9 over her 7. By Highlander rules I believe that gives me the right to create the next *IMdB's her work* oh… no, I can't do those.
    John Scalzi Quiz: Nearly the inverse of Berg, beaten with his 9 to my 6. Disappointing. I wanted to Highlander his Hugo award.
    Bobak Ferdowsi Quiz: We agreed on our answers on all but two of them. Resulting is us both getting a 7. I believe this gives me the right to launch one space probe.

    Movies with Mikey:
    Not too much to say about this one (mostly because it's another movie I haven't seen). It did seem to be back to leaning heavily on plot summary, so that might be something to be mindful of.
    I really like the new intro to Chainsawsuit Original. However, I know that I've personally closed videos that have unexpectedly opened with a really loud sound. Hm.

    Gah, I'm giving mixed feedback again, aren't I? In a week where no content would have been totally understandable. Shameful. There is no more mercy in him than there is milk in a male tiger!
    Um… look at that cool dog! Go chainsawsuit!

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      Correction to nerd correction: I think the audio is a bit muddy there, but the comment was that 2 of the "five deaths" make up the first two movies, so that the next 3 (in a better world) would have been on those other three islands.

      Also, thanks for the thoughts on the episode. I think the third segment counted as a "clip show" so to speak a bit, as I was replaying old content with new thoughts.

      If I get on the 70 stream holding KFC and Red Lobster, execute "Protocol: Corn Bullets." Understood?

      • Kyle_Douglas says:

        And then in the sixth Jurassic Park all the failed dinosaur islands could team up to fight Thanos! I mean, Chris Pratt is in both franchises now, so it practically writes itself!

        I really hope I get a discount on Corn Bullets after buying all these Corn Cob Hammers (which I've now learned is a total scam, since salt works just as well to keep ghosts away).

  3. LMcCJ says:

    Great job hosting nearly-Krisless. I have to say, for the few minutes Kris joined us, he showed way more energy than usual.

    Since you brought it up, Kris, we have no name and no pics of Kris, Jr. WTF! Now if it's a religious thing, that's cool but, if you and the Mrs. have agreed on a social media black-out of the babe, let me just say, "Waaah!" I've said my piece. Until otherwise directed I will continue to call your son Kris Jr. (note: if you had a girl I would refer to her as Kris Jr too).

    Quizzes–Kanye 4/10, B Horror 6/10, Shakespeare 4/10
    I have no excuse or explanation.

    Aside, it always surprises me (and at this point it shouldn't) that Bobak is *so* funny.

    Mikey, come to New Jersey, learn the dialect of my people, it won't take long.

    I miss Greg Produceman.

  4. Uncle Tig's Corncob Hammers is my favorite commercial of all time. Here's the reasons:

    -the old man voice is perfect
    -the word "grandboy" is comedy gold and I don't know why
    -the slow reveal of more and more crazy as the hammers are not for nailin' but are for brainin' small livestock, and then for avoiding metal, what attracts devils from the mines
    -the turn at the end where his grandboy reveals that there will be no kickstarter

    I hope the night vam-pires didn't get Kevin.

  5. Giggleloop says:

    Good job holding down the fort sans Kris, Mikey. You brought some much needed joy to my mostly sleepless Sunday.

    I only kept track of score on the Rob Zombie quiz. 9/10. Yeah, a lot of Zombie music and B movies get played around these parts. I’m not proud. And yes, Teenage Nosferatu P-word makes me cringe as much as it did you. The only one I missed was the Death and Destiny in the something-something one.

    The name Joneseph “Tigg” Wizzler (Whizzler?) tickles me so much. I giggle every time I hear it. And Kris’s old southern grandpa voice is spot on. “Three hunnert t’years.”

    Hey I just heard that “live on a street” commercial the other day! Because I’ve been listening back from the beginning again for reasons. I’ve always been fond of the “sing a commercial about a random activity” ones: live on a street, throw them under the bus, eat a cinnamon roll. Probably because I am the type who sings about my activities quite often. I’m the target demo.

    The Shakespeare quiz was lovely. Everything I like was present: accents, Shakespeare, vampires with pink mohawks… it doesn’t get much better. ♡

    Did I mention yet how much I’m looking forward to PAX? Because I am. :) Have a great week, fellas. Thanks for brightening my day, as always.

  6. ThomasG says:

    "Live on a Street"!!!!!! Awesome. I think it's good to go back to the killer commercials since there have been so many and it's great when there are more chances for the best ones to shine.
    Great show, guys. I was surprisingly relieved(?) to hear the dialogue on the unfortunately-named mall-branding thing, mainly because it addressed any concern that might have still been swimming in my subconscious regarding Kris changing his comedy "as a father." Diarrhea.

  7. Tazsul says:

    First off Congratulations Kris! Glad to hear everything is going well with your new son. Now on to comments.
    I spent the first 10 minutes trying to figure out if Kris was live, or had been compiled, by Mikey’s masterful editing prowess, from clips of old shows. Side note, once again you made me yawn, but I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out.
    The headless Nick bit tickled me for some reason. The idea that a ghost would latch on to Harry Potter either to build up his rep or just steal a cool nickname (sorry obligatory pun, mandated by my union contract) made me chuckle. The line about “I have a stomach!” paired with “that’s not where words live” made me laugh so hard my cubicle neighbors both had to check on me. Well done.
    Sadly there were so many quizzes I may have forgotten some of my scores. I think I did 6/10, 7/10, and 6/10. That Shakespeare one tripped me up hardcore, it did teach me that I have an unreasonable desire for a one man show Christopher Walken presents Shakespeare monologues.
    All in all a very good show.
    See you at the live show! I’ll be that one guy in the audience, sitting with his wife, and possibly some friends. Should be easy to recognize. 😛

  8. The Red Light says:

    It's been awhile since I thought about Greg. Damn fine at his job, but he was so hard to work with. I think I still have his number in my Rolodex, I should give him a call sometime and see what he's up to.

  9. sheanam says:

    Babytown USA! They're gross, sticky and loud, but I still get excited about and delighted by tiny kids. Since Straub Jr. was confirmed to have entered this world with a mighty coiff, I imagine his first cry was not from the shock of being born, but because the birth mussed up his perfect 'do. I bet he would rock the Glamour Shots with *style*.

    Thumbs up for "that's not where words live" and yes, Corncob Hammers is one of my favorite commercials as well. I could probably listen to Shakespearean insults all day, too.

    Man, The Lost World. Even as a kid the gymnastics scene made me frown and say "for real?". I remember my dad being so, so pissed at the hippie guy stealing the bullets.

  10. oh! ALSO:

    I giggled.

    At the ghosties.


  11. krisstraub says:

    Hi everyone, I'm Kris Straub, I wasn't really on the podcast this week, AMA

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      What's it like surviving on nothing but Spaghettios?

    • Kyle_Douglas says:

      This was discussed in an early episode, but with PAX upon us it might be worth a refresher:
      What would be your general do's and don't's for people engaging in a Close Encounter of the Straub Kind on the floor or at a panel?

      Also, what are your thoughts on the controversy at last year's RegionCon?

  12. Daniel Dadson says:

    How much time had passed after your son was born before he peed on you?

    Also, as I am a father of two, you should feel free to AMA Kris.

    I joke, but people with more kids than you will do this. There is no escape.

  13. Wishin on a learn says:

    Nice job, Mikey! I have to disagree on the phrase "clip show," which, while correct, is less flattering than, "flashbacks to past awesomeness."

    Kris, congrats on your child's birth! I look forward to the unveiling of our new overlord! j/k

    I've been feasting on the archives of the show, have gone from both sides though. Eps 1-35 and Eps 69-55 or so. I'm ready to be all caught up and familiar with all the content! So much fun, you goofballs!

    I need some Stouffers, check you all later!

  14. E-Man says:

    This summer I listened to all the podcasts starting from number 1 all the way to 69 . I gotta say this has been just a wonderful way to make work go by faster and fun to watch the podcast evolve over time. Thank you Kris and Mickey for all your hard work making us laugh!

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