Episode 67 – A Sizzler


In a sizzler — not Sizzler┬« — of a summer episode, Kris and Mikey tackle:

  • Automated RIAA copyright enforcement
  • Nose-breathing
  • Changing the dictionary
  • Mikey’s newest Movies with Mikey (which you can watch below!)
  • Movie adaptations of non-movies
  • And for the first time ever, a quiz submitted by a listener! Mikey and Kris team up for once! You can submit topics (or quizzes) to choose@chainsawsuit.com!
  • Sizzler. Dammit

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41 Responses to Episode 67 – A Sizzler

  1. Giggleloop says:

    Yes, grok was Heinlein's, from Stranger in a Strange Land. The only Heinlein book I've ever read. I know, I have a lot of catching up to do.

    I had zero of the cool clothes/shoes/etc as a kid. I was fascinated by those pump shoes though. The closest I had was some pink or purple high top shoes, no doubt knock-off Converse All-Stars.

    • Giggleloop says:

      My comments are all kinds of messed up tonight, folks. Apologies for the potential double post?

  2. schmarty says:

    Oh no you started talking about "grok" and I wanted to yell at you that yes Kris was correct and not being a liar and Heinlein put it in his eventually-super-uncomfortable Lazarus Long stories.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      Yell away :) I was probing for the true etymology.

    • schmarty says:

      Oops I actually meant Stranger in a Strange Land which I don't think was part of the Lazarus Long series. Instead it was about cool Mars kid gettin' all the ladies plus being ostracized by capitalism because Mars privilege.

  3. Ricky says:

    Oh my god. I didn't catch where you were going with Ad number one until the punchline hit. That was amazing.
    Ok, quiz score: 7/10
    Looks like I tied with you guys.

  4. Giggleloop says:

    Huh, not sure what happened to my original comment. I think I had the edit window open too long & Intense Debate decided to eat it. :(

    Yes, grok is Heinlein, from Stranger in a Strange Land. The only Heinlein book I’ve ever read (I have some catching up to do).

    Mikey, your commercial was indeed epic. I figured it out at “all the sheep – AND THE LUMBER!” (Up to that point, I was distracted by the Scottish accent…) Add this one to the “to be animated” list ABSOLUTELY.

    Quiz: 2/10?! Good lord, I boned this one. Apparently I’m very out of touch with makeup. I don’t ever wear it; but nail polish is the one thing I do use occasionally, so I can’t believe I did so awfully. Well played, ParSpectator.

    The raw eroticism unlocked by alcohol? Guys. You’re killing me.

  5. Kyle_Douglas says:

    This Comment is Under Review by Chainsawsuit Content ID for Heuristic Match (93.7%) to "Jaws: The Revenge (1987)"

    I'm a bit surprised Mikey likes Thor 2 less than, say, Iron Man 2 or Captain America 1. I also happen to like Thor 2 quite a lot more than Thor 1, but that probably comes down more to personal taste than anything else. The hammer flying around the cosmos with whats-her-name calling it "mew mew" was more entertaining than all the action sequences in the first one combined.

    I think I've had a flawless record of either beating or tying our hosts for months now… but apparently I cannot withstand the combined might of Kris and Mikey together: Their 7 beats my 5. It is a dark day of nail polish and failure in the Douglas house :p
    I did beat "Mikey fires off random answers", which only scored 4 by my count.
    "Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine!" has a 5/5 based on 6 reviews on Amazon. I guess it is not the wurst. Such a color might help you meet Mr. Reich.
    … Zeppelin.

    It's a bit difficult to create a quiz topic that I think neither host will be very familiar with, but I think I've narrowed in on a pretty good one.

    Since I'm not familiar with Settlers of Catan beyond the name (does that require handing in my Nerd Card?) some of the humor in the commercial and start of the NPR bit was surely lost on me. I did really like the BAFTA "Not in America You Don't!" joke. The Sex Tape part of the NPR segment was a highlight of the episode, especially Kris calling the Kardashian tape a "clever meta-commentary".
    Unfortunately, even if I really liked that bit, I think such a long NPR parody is "too much of a good thing" and started to drag a bit. The commercial segments seem to be the sweet spot for that specific parody, I think.

    Movies with Mikey: Hey, a movie I haven't seen (except the Sylvester Stallone Terminator 2 joke)!
    "… or on my phone, where I watched it." heh
    The long shots bit was too long : /
    That "one chamber empty" bit is really good. Can't be sure how well I like the "other half" ending without actually seeing the film.
    I can now say that these are enjoyable for movies I haven't watched… provided I don't care about the plot being ruined.

    Best of luck to Kris and his wife with that whole life generation thing.

  6. LMcCJ says:

    Dictionary Day was the Best Day Ever in grad school! Dictionaries are as individual as children. They live and breathe!! This lady is my hero: http://narrative.ly/stories/the-dame-of-dictionar

    5/10 on the quiz. Great job ParSpectator!

    Liked the diss of the actress (sorry, I listened while out and about so am commenting w/o notes) in Mikey's commercial and the part in Kris's where he spelled out b-o-r-e-d.

    Gonna go play with my OED now.

  7. Tazsul says:

    I totally just watched the commentary to Thor 2: The Dark World and they did talk about what the title meant. (This is not a joke) It was a duel reference to both the dark elf home-relm and the darker nature of the film. With the death of Frigga Asgard becomes the dark world. Or something like that. They said it better on the commentary. I was too distracted by the dulcet tones of Tom Hiddleston to pay that close of attention…

    Where was I? Oh yeah. Great podcast, that quiz was insanely hard (6/10). That first commercial cracked me up. I too didn’t see that punch coming.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      WOW. I never would have realized that the explanation would be that silly.

      "We put dark in the title because it's a darker film."

      Killing characters off for wounds less serious than the one's her husband sustained in the first film does not make your film darker, it makes it lazier.

      • Tazsul says:

        For thier benefit, Kursed is a much "higher power" character in comic book terms.
        I imagine the minimization of Frigga's wounds is an extrapolation of the "Disabling arm Hold" trope. Audiences are not comfortable with realistic violence against women in cinema. Specifically the issue (main trope) is that realistic subdual methods employed on women tend to come across as "rapey" to audiences. Correspondingly realistic violent deaths for female characters comes across as a misogynistic, glorification of violence against women. Conversely this toned down violence comes across as kid gloves.
        It's a very complicated issue, and I have no idea how you win!

  8. parspectator says:

    My quiz! And I’m stuck traveling all day! Super excited to get back and listen!

  9. MikeyNeumann says:

    Hi, I'm Mikey Neumann from the Chainsawsuit podcast, ask me anything about the episode!

    • Movies with Mikey is now more-or-less 3 positive reviews to 1 negative. Is this going to be a trend for the series?

      • MikeyNeumann says:

        I think the goal from the beginning was to lay out an informative, funny look at a movie — and from the beginning it's been a goal to be as positive as possible in every review. TMNT II was the only one that I feel stepped outside of that, but even that one had a list of positives about the film stuck in the middle.

        I think the next few will be further glowing reviews.

  10. frostyplum says:

    As a result of NOT bursting out laughing at that last line, my head is now stippling the walls of my office.

    Great episode! Very straightforward, very solid. Loved the actors parading all their awards in Mikey's commercial…only to be completely torn down in Kris's. I, too, hope to one day be an Academy Award-watching director.

    8/10 on the quiz; I've drooled over enough OPI to know my stuff. They crank out those goofy geographical collections by the boatload. I would totally splurge on a "Get a Clue" collection. Scarlet, Plum, Peacock…not sure about the Mustard. Maybe I'll pair it with my "How Now, Hausfrau?" topcoat.

    Since MWM didn't get a separate post…my favorite part of these have been "Hey, [random cameo'd celebrity!]" Never fails. But what the hell is a "knuckled pancake"?

    • … is How Now, Hausfrau a real thing? I could have ridden the OPI horse to about 5 quizzes.

    • Giggleloop says:

      I suspect knuckled pancake must be a Mikeyism (Neumannism?). Google didn’t know.

    • Giggleloop says:

      I will also second the vote for Clue themed nail polish. Because just what I need are a half dozen or more bottles of nail polish. XD

      (Seriously I would buy them all, I couldn’t help myself. Clue is one of my favorite movies ever. I don’t think I’ve ever successfully completed a round of the board game though… >.> )

  11. sheanam says:

    I think Twitch lets you have music playing while you're doing stuff? And you can leave said broadcasts up as part of your channel Highlights/Past Broadcasts without issue? There's a couple Twitch channels I've watched for a while that have multiple streams with tons of music playing in the background and they're still up even months/years later. Though since Google just bought Twitch, that might be an 'enjoy it while you still can' thing!

    It's frustrating how quick and vicious Google and various other bigwigs are about taking down videos. I understand copyright is important, but if it's just a few seconds of a song or some kid/artist/everyday joe putting a bit of music in the background of their innocent little speedpaint or home video, that feels overly dickish. Let people have a bit of fun!

    Hmmmm, I think I might have a pretty decent idea for a quiz! It's gonna wait a little while, for just that right moment, and also because I am slow and lazy, but I've got one!

    • Kyle_Douglas says:

      Unfortunately, Twitch isn't an option for the majority of streams Kris does: "Non-Gaming Content: You may not stream non-gaming content as the focus of a stream. Please keep your streams content related to gaming theme. While not all of your stream must be directly gaming, we do not allow extended periods of non-gaming content to be streamed on Twitch."

      Nice thought though. You're right that they're much more lax than YouTube :)

      • sheanam says:

        Damn, didn't realize it had that catch! I've watched multiple art streams on Twitch before, so either the streamers were super lucky at not getting caught or had some mysterious workaround going.

      • Giggleloop says:

        Twitch was my suggestion too, because I lnow Mike has used it to stream PA drawing before. Hmm..

  12. I have returned to the seat of my power!

    hey, three stumpers in a row ain't bad. I guess I owe two of 'em to the ad guys and gals, though.

    I am, however, detecting a bit of dissatisfaction over the lack of clearer color descriptions. I confess I had to trim some of them: Essie gives their colors a paragraph of ad copy, and OPI barely gives them a phrase. It turns out Clambake is "fire-bright creamy red-orange," while Recessionista is "a smart, intelligent, and savvy brick red." Fondola Gondola is a "soft and creamy mauve," and Bouncer, It's Me! is "intensely vivid blue nail polish that's your ticket in"

    so yes, they are saying that your nails will win you entry into the club. Because they're just so intensely vivid. Also blue.

    I'ma go ahead and assume I get to be the third host now. I remember you mentioned the third host job back in one of the earliest episodes? I get to be there, but I don't get to talk and I never get mentioned?

    Yeah. That's me now. Y'all jelly?

    • ThomasG says:

      i'm hopeful ParSpectator uses this platform more pleasantly than Panera-guy-who-got-run-over-and-maybe-machine-gunned

  13. Loved the nailpolish quiz; it was nice to have you both working together instead of slowly destroying each others' souls in your quest for quality podcast entertainment. I want to think of a quiz to send you guys, but for some reason the first idea that popped into my head was "Real X-Man or fake?", and uh, yeah I think that one's been covered. I'm working on it.

    Kris, congratulations on the forthcoming arrival of your child, I hope everything goes well and your wife has an easy labor. Mikey, good luck on your upcoming berth of births, I have no idea what that means but it sounds exciting so thumbs up.

  14. ThomasG says:

    2/10. Some of us really can't handle these dang colornames.

  15. alexmalcolm1134 says:

    Cataninator® made me spit coke zero all over my montior haha. Worth. thanks for the hot ep!

  16. soniakjohnson says:

    All the German stuff in the quiz is from OPI doing a series of groups of nation-themed polishes. They also did French and Dutch ones, possible others.

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