Episode 54 – Trademarking Territory


Hold on to all four of your cheeks, we’re forging new podcast highs with this week’s beef-hot episode. It’s got sizzle for days! 

… How is writing the flavor text for each episode simultaneously the best and worst part of doing this show? Anyway, this week:

  • Kris suffers a long car ride and its scarfed-McDonald’s wasteland.
  • Off of last week’s quiz, Mikey delves deeply into the dungeon of Guy Fieri’s trademarks. You will not believe how far the rabbit hole goes.
  • More choosing of your topics! Submit one to choose@chainsawsuit.com and we might discuss it on the next episode!
  • Mikey puts Kris to the test in the third segment with something that should have been right up his alley and in his wheelhouse. How will you fare? Play along and post your own results in the comments! If you beat Kris he will be furious. Guaranteed!
  • More commercials!

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80 Responses to Episode 54 – Trademarking Territory

  1. Daphnetrodon says:

    This is probably going to be one of my very favorite episodes for a long time to come. I completely lost it at Sharkfuckers during the commercial. I had to pause the podcast for a few seconds, and then leave it paused for several more while I explained to my roommate what exactly was making me laugh so hard. So thanks for that. I'd also like to suggest that GFOB stands for Grand Food Orbital Barrage – either the planned date for the Fieri Empire to ascend by bombarding Earth from orbit with deadly explosives, or the day Guy rolls out a new food delivery service that dispatches drones from a food prep station that floats way too close to the ISS every few weeks.

    I'm so psyched you guys answered my question, by the way! Mike's convention story was another highlight of the episode for me, because I love stories like that. I think you're absolutely right, Mikey, that I don't necessarily have to let creepy or mean fans keep me from getting into something, but I was thankful to Kris for backing me up and saying that it can totally be a deterrent sometimes. Every once in a while, my not getting into a new show or movie is just because I don't wanna be lumped in with "those weirdos". (Also, the 'foot fandom' callback made me laugh, partially because I am also definitely not a fan of feet.)

    This one was just quality stuff from beginning to end. The quizzes just keep getting better, the topics are awesome, and I am loving the commercials. I would also definitely not complain if Mirror-Kris and Mirror-Mikey showed up once or twice. Not that I'm demanding a comic book-style Chainsawsuit Event once a year or something, but I feel like there's a lot of fun to be had with that idea.

    As a sidenote, not that I want to stir anything up, but based on my google research Kris' last name might actually used to have been 'Strobe' before he started webcomics…

  2. Kyle_Douglas says:

    I think I've got this straight: Guy's American Kitchen and Bar™ is owned by "Guy!™" which is owned by Guy Fieri™ which is owned by Guy Ferry who is owned by Awesome Pretzel Cart™ which is owned by Sheinhardt Wig Company™.

    I'm pretty sure "Full Flavored Food" about 14:10 in is the hardest Kris has ever laughed on the show.

    GFOB: Gluten-Free Organic Broth, $29.99

    I gave the first three episodes of Hannibal a watch based on Mikey's advice. I definitely agree that it's very good, but I'm probably not going to watch further just because it's a bit too gruesome and serious for my tastes.
    Flying cars and cyborgs are much more my speed: Agents of SHIELD also got renewed for Season 2 (along with a new Agent Carter series)! Which is nice since it's definitely taken a leap up in quality ever since Captain America 2 came out. I'm guessing Mikey gave up on it weeks before that though.

    My vision of Mirror-Universe Kris is pretty much just H P Wuvcraft from the comic.
    Congrats to Dillon Fish for hitting 2 topics in a row. Expect your "Double-Chosen" T-Shirt and club ring to arrive shortly.

    I'm a bit worried about that "If you beat Kris he will be furious," but I did edge him out with 7. I thought the Bacon Bowl had to be fake and Mikey tricked both Kris and myself twice in a row with the Russian Pencil and Baby Namer.

    I usually get to throw in one minor bit of constructive criticism, but I think this this episode was as sharply honed as a self-sharpening pencil.

    It's been a few weeks since I've done a quickie digital tribute to the show (due to having no video freeze-frames to source from), so have a pair of cards for a game I know Mikey's played at least a bit:
    Mikey "Rev-rev Here It Is™" Neumann
    Kris "Too Handsome to Watch Firefly™" Straub
    (credit to Randy Bishop's Two Iron Thrones Tour art)

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      I love everything about your entire comment.

      Also: I am in fact still watching Agents of SHIELD. It's gotten so much better, it's basically an entirely new show at this point — oddly, it's the show I think a lot of people were always expecting.

      I'm not sure I give even half a crap about Agent Carter though… It's like "Hey, we took the most boring character in the entire Marvel universe and gave her a tv show."

      • Kyle_Douglas says:

        Hm… did you see the Agent Carter short film they included on the Iron Man 3 disc-release? I'd definitely agree with you if not for that.
        It wasn't an amazing short, just okay (a lot like the first two-thirds of Agents of Shield, I guess). But I think it shows potential as a Buffyesque show with a 40's military twist.

        EDIT: One bit I forgot in my big comment above when I mentioned H P Wuvcraft as my vision of Mirror Kris: I'm pretty sure we basically have Mirror Mikey already via Brad Brad :)

        • MikeyNeumann says:


          I feel like it would be that.

          The scripts are written all in caps. It's somewhat painful to read them.

          • Giggleloop says:

            Brad Brad may only be acceptable in small doses, but the “I’ma call you Kris Tom” thing never fails to make me laugh.

    • Qmzn says:

      A 6/4 for 5 with a charge minion? Are you mad? Mikey's going to get nerfed within a month.

      I think Kris should "choose a topic" at the start of every turn, instead of Battlecry. He can replace Pagle as the new "Fisher King".

      • Kyle_Douglas says:

        I don't know. Illidan is a 7/5 for 6 that summons 2/1's every time you play a card – and he's still not considered all that great.

        Still, we'll keep an eye on the evolving meta for the game to see if Mikey Neumann is becoming an automatic inclusion in decks. If so, the following nerf has been proposed:
        Increasing his damage and health to an impressive 8/6, but changing his card text to: "Summons a 1/6 'Kim Cattrall' minion with taunt for your opponent. While Kim Cattrall is in play Mikey Neumann has -4/-4"

        However, we're worried this may feel too similar to the existing "Brad Brad" minion whose card text reads: "Summons a 3/3 'Laaaaaadies' minion for your opponent and a 1/10 'Restraining Order' minion with taunt."

        Thank you for your continued support of Hearthstonesuit.

    • Giggleloop says:

      Those Hearthstone cards are amazing. I love the Summon Tiny Turtle effect. Especially if when summoned, he recites Shakespeare.

    • krisstraub says:

      wow, those hearthstone cards! they're Glorious, Fantastic, On-Brand

      • Kyle_Douglas says:

        Is it just me or does something Genuinely Feel "Off" 'Bout this comment?

        Ha, it's probably just me being paranoid or having some sort of pathological aversion to praise. Gotta kick those irrational fears to the curb. Glad you liked them, Kris!

  3. Guy's Flavor Output Barometer

    Great show fellas.

  4. GFOB: Get 'Fraid (of) Our Bar-b-KKKREW!

    • OR:
      Greased, Feast, or Beast

      you have to pick one. I don't know what the choices represent, but it's evocative.

      • To prove I'm still fixated on this idea:

        Greased Feast of Beast: it's a menu item that's a 16-inch chicago-style deep dish pizza made with bear meat and boar sausage, and you're not allowed to share it. It weighs eight pounds, and if they catch you trying to share it or not finish it yourself, they throw you out.

  5. Willie Gross says:

    @Kris and Mikey, you guys should do a segment involving Google autocomplete. I know from personal experience that there is a LOT of comedic potential there. Do we eyelet.

    • Willie Gross says:

      That last line is supposed to be doo eeeeeeet. But autocorrect has foiled me once again.

  6. Tazsul says:

    I'm failing to write a coherent post so I'm switching to list form.
    – I love it when Kris dithers over branding at the start of the episode.
    – Good lord Guy has more trademarks then Red Robin and Red Lobster put together!
    – Fandoms: I have to side with Mikey here. I never let a fandom prevent me from trying a show/book. I like to keep in mind that every fan base is composed of individuals who range in creepiness. I acknowledge their existence, but don't let it control me. Inversely like Kris I don't let the popularity of something dictate that I must watch/read/like.
    – That Reebok Shakespeare Corporate footwear brand-plosion(tm) cracked me up.
    – Quiz: Woo I went 8/10 this week, with an assist from Kris. I totally would have believed "The Google Blocker" before Kris walked through the copyright issue. Great quiz, love them.

  7. Reed says:

    Hey Kris and Mikey, I grew up in Santa Rosa, California, and have eaten at Tex-Wasabi Rock-n-Roll Sushi-Que and I can tell you that you don't actually wanna hit the place up. It's pretty much exactly what you'd expect.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      But being exactly what we'd expect is WHY we'd want to go there.

      To wit, if I were Guy Ferry, I would have a restaurant called "Catch-22" because that's where we all find ourselves when deciding whether or not to go there.

    • frostyplum says:

      That's really the full name, huh? And that's the logo, replete with garbage font from Windows '95 (I wish to criminy I could remember what it's called), red outlined with lime green? And a cowboy roping and riding a fish?

      Welp, g'bye, everyone, It's been swell. *picks up bags, walks into a bus*

  8. MikeyNeumann says:

    After a throwaway segment for my comedic podcast, I am the foremost expert on Guy Fieri in the world, AMA!

    • Kyle_Douglas says:

      Is Guy Fieri married?
      Is Guy Fieri a jerk?
      Is Guy Fieri Italian?
      Is Guy Fieri Kris Straub's brother-in-law?

      I assume that completely legit final Google Autocomplete question is related to the recent (right-now) rumor that Kris' wife's maiden name he didn't give out in the episode is actually Fieri/Ferry.

      • LMcCJ says:

        Pretty sure in episode 3 or 4 Kris said it was Tyson. (Although Guy Fieri is a dead ringer for his brother-in-law.) A little uncomfortable around the holidays after that unfortunate, murderous incident at Mikey's house. Only going to get worse once the little nugget arrives. Going to be *great* podcast material though.

      • MikeyNeumann says:

        Thanks for your questions, Kyle!

        — He is married, and has been married to Lori Fieri since 1995.
        — From my perspective, he's not a jerk at all. Like any famous person, there's some stories floating around where it might have been a bad day that caused him to be short with people, but for all intents and purposes, I think he's a nice person overall. Though, Fieri travels with a fairly sizable entourage that has been known to get rowdy from time to time.
        — I'm issuing a correction on whether or not he is Italian. His grandfather is, in fact, Italian whose surname was Fieri. He was born Guy Ferry but Guy changed it BACK to honor his grandfather and his heritage. He was born in Ohio, but his lineage is indeed Italian in origin.
        — As to whether or not Kris Straub is Guy Fieri's brother-in-law, I'm unclear. For this to be true, Guy would need to be married to Kris's brother, or be the brother of his wife, Marlo. Since we know that Guy is married to Lori, I think it's safe to infer that he is not also married to Kris's brother. To my knowledge, Marlo is not related to Guy Fieri, but I cannot say for certain.

        I hope I've cleared up what I can.

        • Kyle_Douglas says:

          Hm, that third answer is actually pretty interesting (and you've reminded me I should have considered Kris' Tasha Yar loving brother 😉
          I'm learnin' on a wish over here!

          Let's see what other fascinating nuggets can be drawn from the next round of Google Autocomplete questions:
          Is Guy Fieri still married?
          Is Guy Fieri divorced?
          Is Guy Fieri married 2014

          Never mind, I think we're done here.

    • LMcCJ says:

      Is "Sensei of Flavortown" an elected position or was he appointed.

  9. @markjhiggs says:

    I think a Podcast-off sounds like a great idea! If you guys decide to go for it, I'm sure it would make for an interesting segment.

    Thanks for the laughs, as always.

  10. MrBildango says:


    Grampy Fieri’s Oldtime Build-a-burger

  11. Ford Dent says:

    10/10 on the quiz. I feel like some kind of master of stuff that is available as seen on TV. I was so close to falling for the baby name thing, but as soon as Mikey indicated it was a physical object I knew my instinct of "fake" was correct.

    Another great episode.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      Haha! I had to reassure Kris that it was what he thought it was. I played the audible to ensnare him.

      Man, this is gonna screw with my head. Now we're not just playing against each other — we're playing against the world.

  12. megan_made_this says:

    GFOB: Got Flavor Out the Butt!™

    Mikey, you Leo McGarry'd that shoes/frozen dinners topic like a pro.

    Also, please please please have Guy Ferry on next week with responses to your comments/allegations. (As long as you don't use his trademarked name, he can't get mad, right?)

    Delightful show all around! Trademarkin' with Kris and Mikey should be a regular segment. There's room for crossovers with both IMDB Detective and the Ghost Snake Hunters, I feel. Unless the Ghost Snake Hunters are dead now. Are they dead? Hard to remember who all has died in this show.

    (And sorry if this is a repeat comment. I got some weirdness when I attempted to post earlier.)

  13. sambooga says:

    Nothing can convince me that GFOB does not stand for "Grandma Fieri's Overdrive Breakfast".

    It's served on a motorbike, with an onion ring tightly holding down the throttle. It's got a Homiemade™ eight-egg Skramblepatch™, a rasher of Bake'n™(not actually baked), and a Heepin Help'n™ of Triple-Gs™ (Guy's Gr8 Grits™). If you finish the whole thing, they take your picture while you are holding a picture of Guy Fieri, and then bake it into a calzone for you to bring home.

  14. awsimo says:

    First time poster, woohoo!

    "F.O.B." is a military acronym meaning "forward operating base." Thus, my guess is that in connection with Fieri's USO tours in the Persian Gulf, GFOB stands for "Guy's Forward Operating Base," a new Guy Fieri-themed secured forward military outpost, strategically positioned to deliver Full Flavored Food (TM) directly to the front line. Had a hard day on patrol? Kick back with some Guy-talian Fondue Dippers or keep it real with The Off-Da-Hook Original Smash Burger.

    And if the mess hall comes under attack while you're trying to enjoy your Southern Smothered Chili Bowl, hit the the enemy with the Fieri-effect using our newly weaponized Wow-Sabi Gas Cylinders! They won't know what hit them– with FLAVOR! (And pain.)

    (WARNING: Wow-sabi is not fit for human consumption and should only be used in an offensive capacity. Approval under Geneva Conventions pending.)

    • LMcCJ says:

      Welcome, awsimo. You make a very nice first impression. Your Stouffer's lasagna coupon will be available for download within 36 hours.

      (Note: There is no coupon. There will be no downloading. In 36 hours you should probably be sleeping. Please come back next week when something else fake will not be readily available.)

    • frostyplum says:

      You join a hearty group. Welcome to the fold.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      You're dropping some FLAVOR here in the comments. I hope to see you hanging out in the coming weeks!

    • Giggleloop says:

      Welcome, new commentsman (or commentswoman)! You're already knocking it out of the park – well done!

  15. Liz says:

    First time I played along with the quiz (because I was listening at my desk and didn't mind procratinating). 9/10! That was a fun quiz. Definitely not as hard as the other quizzes.

  16. Renata_V says:

    I'm sorry for sending in such a horrible hypothetical, but thank you so much for choosing it. I'm loving the quizzes, they keep getting funnier! I've never posted before, because I've never had anything to say, and I still don't, but I love this show. Hope you continue this podcast for the next thousand years (you guys are immortal, right?).

    • LMcCJ says:

      You say you have nothing to say, and I'm not going to pressure you but, I think Kris and Mikey would be delighted to read, "I love this show," week after week after week after week.

      (It's okay, they can bookmark this page and reread it whenever they want.)

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      KEEP POSTING! We love talking to all the Chainsawsuiters

    • Giggleloop says:

      Coming up with something to comment about can be tough, I know that firsthand, but points for making the effort! The more times you do it, the easier it'll become, as with all things. :) Welcome!!!

  17. @lowguppy says:

    Oh man I was cracking up at work during the first commercial.

    Gnokki Full Of Bakon

    • megan_made_this says:

      It hasn't garnered much attention, but I think Gnokki Full of Bakon might be my favorite GFOB™. Bonus points for all dem Ks. And welcome to my world, in which I spend each Monday morning cackling at my cubicle with my headphones on in an otherwise silent office. Like a crazy person.

  18. frostyplum says:

    I work for an online retailer that sells outdoor patio furniture. While I was listening, I saw a picture of several Adirondack chairs atop one another, and immediately trademarked Adironstacks™. (Disclaimer: Trademark will not hold up in court)

    Can Guy have that many trademarks and not have them evident? Like Mikey noticed last week, there are no actual trademark symbols on GF's menus. It strikes me as a little skeevy to see if anyone uses his phrases, then have his lawyers jump on 'em without proper delineation.

    8/10 on the quiz; Pencil Perfect and Google Blocker tripped me up (should have waited for Kris's stream of consciousness). Every New Year's we do a white elephant gift exchange with As Seen on TV™ products. The Shake Weight is sitting in one of our houses right this second, gathering dust.

    I picked out eight Shakespeare references in that commercial. I didn't even know mashing up ol' Shakey and hip-hop would be my jam, yet here we are. O, that this too, too sullied flesh would MELT YO FACE OFF, SONNNNN

  19. sheanam says:

    Don't think I've ever heard Kris laugh so hard before!

    Guy Fieri and his Triple D have actually been to the little hole-in-the-wall diner just across the street from the office where I work, believe it or not! I know this because he quite literally autographed their wall and spraypainted a rainbow-colored stencil picture of the Food Network logo and his head (complete with sunglasses and spiked hair) on it. Every time I eat there I have to stare at that damn thing. Worth it for the milkshakes, though.

    • krisstraub says:

      Just close your eyes! Wander out of the restaurant that way. Or better yet send someone in to get the shakes.

      • sheanam says:

        I don't know if I would want to inflict this on anybody else, that's a bit beyond my moral limits.

        • Giggleloop says:

          That would make a sweet tattoo for the Guy Fieri superfan… if such a person exists.

        • ThomasG says:

          i like that it looks inspired by the autobots symbol (just more rounded and with a sweet 'do). i'd have to give him serious props if his head had been the literal stencil.

  20. LMcCJ says:

    9/10 on the quiz. If you microwave bacon it doesn't get crispy enough to hold a bowl shape! I want a demonstration (I'm sure it's on YouTube).

    I also relistened to episode 1 last week. Aside from the immediately noticeable audio quality difference, I was quickly reminded of how noisy it was when Kris lived in the slums of Seattle. Whew! How did you ever sleep?

    Outstanding commercials this week!

    • Giggleloop says:

      The insane police sirens from Kris’s vicinity always amazed me. Bet he’s not sorry to be rid of them!

  21. @monsata says:

    I managed to get 8 out of 10 on the quiz, but I work in a place that sells some As Seen On TV stuff, so I kinda have a weird sense of those things.. That said, even knowing it's real, "Wood Milk" is such a fake-sounding name, but maybe it's just because my mind is in the gutter.

    • Giggleloop says:

      It’s so pricey, because trees have such small teats, they’re very difficult to milk. It’s very labor intensive.

  22. Thorbie says:

    9/10 SO CLOSE! Google blocker got me. It did seem implausible that plugging in a flash drive could block google, but I felt the idea that parents could want to buy this seemed real from an As Seen On TV standpoint. Still after I got it wrong, I realized it wouldn't work, cause a kid could just pull out the dongle. If it were real it would have to be some kind of software installed on the computer. Maybe Kris is right too about Google probably not letting it be named "Google blocker" too. I'm sad to say I watch too much late night cable tv so most of those products I knew were real from the get go.

    I haven't commented in a while, because I've been listening in my car these days. Great podcast guys!

    Also, in terms of trademarking, I'm pretty sure anyone can ad a ™, meaning an unregistered trademark, whereas ® means it's a registered trademark.

    • Ford Dent says:

      This is correct! Registered trademarks will always trump the TM, but provided you can prove that 1. you started using the TM before anyone else and 2. you totally intend to get that registered one of these days, for real, it will stand up in court, or wherever slapfights over trademarks ensue.

      I know this because I work in Marketing and when we name a new product we have to ask the Legal department to see if we're allowed to trademark the name or not. It is… kind of a pain in the ass?

  23. Zzzzz says:

    Terror – lovecraftian versions
    Evil – like you but just do evil deeds and have suffered or benefitted from the consequences
    Mirror – you're right handed, they are left handed…….. mirrors aren't spooky or evil!

  24. Prompter says:

    I’ve finally done it. I’ve spent the last two weeks listening to every single episode (listened to 52 and realized I’ve been missing out on this for a year). I… What am I supposed to do now that I have to wait a whole week for another episode? Is it okay if I just induce a coma every week so I can wake up and always have a new podcast?

    Seriously you guys, I have never enjoyed listening to two people talk more. I think I’m ready to finally join the comments section.

    Is there a Chainsawsuitors Anonymous yet?

    “Hello everyone. My name is George, and I’m a chainsawsuitor.”

    • LMcCJ says:

      Hello, George! If you've decided to become a regular, let me draw your attention to the refreshment cup. $5/month for coffee, drinks and snacks during the meetings. Your lanyard will be sent to you via courier.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      Welcome to the Chainsawsuit podcast! Enjoy your stay; enjoy your backlog of everything Kris and I have ever made in our lives

    • Giggleloop says:

      Hello, George! Welcome to our merry band of miscreants. If you enjoy listening to Kris talk, there's plenty of podcasts out there (he's done quite a few in his day – I'm currently listening to the backlog of Tweet Me Harder, which is Kris & David Malki!).

      If you've already checked out the videos on the Chainsawsuit Originals YouTube channel, and want to see more Mikey , might I suggest checking out Anthony Saves The World on YouTube (or Escapist.com for pretty HD video).

      Or, you know, you can just listen to them all over again… but who'd be silly enough to do that, right, guys? Right… *coughs* o.O

      Did we settle on Chainsawsuitors, then? I…kinda really liked Red Lights…

      • LMcCJ says:

        Whoa, Giggs! If you keep this up Kris and Mikey are going to have to put you on the payroll! Forget Producer, we've got a Promoter!

  25. Giggleloop says:

    So many new commenters this week! Exciting times! 😀

  26. Karl says:

    You had me at Southern Dumpfort. And everything else.

  27. ThomasG says:

    8/10 – my score
    10/10 – this podcast
    Guy simply noticed that "the" is often dropped from acronyms, but he still liked the four-letter vibe and hip, edgy internet usage of "GTFO." So one day, when he was at his lowest and tasted some of the worst smoked meats in he'd ever encountered, he decided to hand the chef a ribbon emblazoned with "GFOB." Guy chuckled to himself, thinking, as he had thought earlier in the day during his ironic visit to Red Lobster, "haha, jokes on him, I hate it. And I just told him to get out of barbecue. And he doesn't even know it!" Guy later trademarked the acronym, planning to make it "go viral," until realizing that it was a terrible, shameful idea.

  28. Giggleloop says:

    Can't remember if I said or not, but I tied with the quiztaker again this week, 6/10, although I didn't get the same ones right that Kris did.

    The Guy Fieri stuff is just insanity, but so much fun to hear you guys talk about. You both have a deep innate ability to brand things into the stratosphere, so hearing the joy and relish you take in discussing was pretty damn fun all around. In the hands of lesser podcastsmen, I could see this being a not particularly interesting topic of discussion, but not so with y'all. Further proof of your 'casting chops. :)

    GFOB – Gratuitous Frizz-Fried On-yawn Blasterz – since every restaurant has to have its own take on the Bloomin' Onion. (probably not my best, but hey, I gave it a shot)

  29. It took me a long time (almost 20 podcasts!), but I finally ran down the origins of the Cincinnati Moist.

    Soak a paper napkin in one jigger of domestic light beer. Wrap napkin around a fried sauerkraut ball. Hold moist beer-ball 6 inches over open mouth in a tight fist and squeeze. Collect drippings.

    This fascinating dish, originally called "Teufelskugeln" by the region's German-American population, was renamed during World War I, a time which also saw Sauerkraut re-branded as "victory cabbage," and hamburgers re-branded as "liberty sandwiches."

    • LMcCJ says:

      That is utterly disgusting but, I can think of no better use for domestic light beer or sauerkraut. *shudder*

  30. LMcCJ says:

    addendum: Mikey, instead of tortilla puffers what you meant to say was pita puffers. Man, if I had a pita puffer making sandwiches would be so much easier. I would have more time to play tennis, call friends and spend time with my family over giant bowls of popcorn.

    I had a flashback to a time when I was forced to use a newfangled laptop. I had to call my sister because there wasn't a mouse and I couldn't figure out how to use the darn thing. She said, "Look at the keyboard. Do you see a red dot?" How did she know? Sorceress!

  31. Giggleloop says:

    The mirror universe selves discussion makes me think of the Polymorph episodes of Red Dwarf, where the characters get emotions pulled out of them & they’re transformed into versions without fear or pride or whatever. So great.

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