Episode 36 – Kris Chooses A Fate


Episode 37 looms like an onyx tiger, pacing hungrily in its wretched midnight prison: a cage whose door may yield with the slightest effort! And with that effort comes Mother Death… a hair’s breadth away!

Meanwhile, Kris and Mikey talk about Amazon wishlists, luxury in old age, first drinking experiences, Dinosaurs, and Kris Chooses a Number of Topics before a shocking secret is revealed.

Part the Uno:

Part the Two:

Partus Numerus Triplus (I did not study languages):

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14 Responses to Episode 36 – Kris Chooses A Fate

  1. @furbybreath says:

    I completely lost it at the broodhollow fan service. You two doing Zane and Angstrom needs to happen more, fan servicing or not.

  2. Kyle_Douglas says:

    I apologize for any typos in this comment. I'm wearing a "Home Depot Presents: Kim Cattrall's KrisChoosesATopic" orange work apron right now and it gets in the way a bit.

    Despite my new employment status, I'm proud to have been a part of the final K-CAT segment (or, rather, K-TAT). I'm also currently accepting gifts (spit on, or not) from all Zane/Angstrom shippers whose heads just exploded as a result of my topic.

    Definitely the most risqué episode of the podcast due to all that fanservice. Someone really needs to splice these together and put it on an infinite loop 😉
    Kris: "Whoops, I'm nude again."
    Mikey: "My hands are numb from rubbing myself."

    Although that Broodhollow stuff was what I enjoyed most this podcast, the deadpan delivery of "Let's talk about Aladdin" got the biggest laugh out of me. I also really liked the foxhole echo and sound effects.

    In answer to another topic: The escape velocity to defeat the moon's gravity is around 5,400 miles per hour (about a fifth of Earth's). Presumably, The Flash cannot exceed this velocity without flying out into space. The circumference of the moon is around 6,800 miles. In conclusion, the myth of The Flash delivering a pizza in under 30 minutes from one side of the moon to the other is busted; it would take closer to 38 at minimum.

    I spent all my remaining datayorbs on some Cincinnati Moists. I'm going to save them for next week to drown out the pain of the podcast definitely, certainly, for-sure, no-doubt ending with Episode 37.

    To anticipate the moment, I threw together a little wallpaper that I call: "The Psyche of Mikey" http://i.imgur.com/yHSmKzQ.jpg

  3. Thorbie says:

    I think you guys buried the lede on that Flash question. It sounds like Mikey was implying that Aquaman could run faster on the moon than the Flash, since walking in water is closer to walking on the moon.

  4. silv3r says:

    Relatively new to the podcast; but that first commercial spot was one of the funniest skits I’ve heard in a long time. You guys NAILED the “news update” that you hear on news radio, even down to the CEO’s comments. Perfectly executed.

  5. Liz says:

    I barely remember Dinosaurs from my youth. Don't remember the finale, just watching the show. I thought you guys were kidding about the Dinosaur finale, like you are known to do. Then I googled and became really depressed.

  6. Matt D says:

    Mikey doesn't understand how friction, running, or Moons work.

  7. LMcCJ says:

    For lunch today a peanut butter and welly sandwich paired with a Cincinnati Moist (substituting vodka for Everclear as that always makes me think of colonics).

    First drink, age 17, a screwdriver. Second was probably a Rum & Coke.

    New York is practically an archipelago (Long, Staten, Fire, Roosevelt, Ellis, Manhattan, Wards, Randalls, Rikers…) It's best not to think about it too much.

    Kyle came through again with an excellent diving board. I didn't know Broodhollow fans were looking for an Angstrom/Zane hookup. I'll have to reread the Comments.

    For next week I'll have drinks & hors d'oeuvres ready to send the podcast out in style. It's going to be like the end of MASH. Maybe I'd better bring tissues…

  8. McTver says:

    Love the tornato-proof suit idea, or as I've patented it, the Windsawsuit. To address Mikey's point, the wind speed sensors wound trigger a fan on the opposite side of the suit to blow at the same wind speed, and the fans on the tornado side are actually spun by the tornado, which spins a turbine and produces electricity with 90% efficiency. Greatly reducing the cost of wearing a 2,300 pound suit of fans, wires, armature and batteries. Oh also, the suit weighs 2,300 pounds so at this time the Windsawsuits are only able to be worn by stores that wish to remain open during town-devastatingly bad weather. Another problem solved by science!

  9. Giggleloop says:

    Even though I’m sure no one will see this, I just wanted to say I’ve been rewatching the video podcasts lately, & this one was so great. I mean, the Broodhollow stuff was amazing of course, but the raw emotions you two are able to channel, especially in segment 3, are a wonder to behold. Does it sound silly of me to compliment your acting? Maybe, but there it is.

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