Episode 35 – Downfall


Mikey and Kris deal with the fallout of his ex-wife’s betrayal and dissect Disney’s The Lone Ranger, even the coldness between them threatens to deepen into an infinite, all-sundering gulf.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We found that some people had a bit of difficulty finding time to watch the whole thing in one sitting, so we are now offering the podcast in three parts!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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26 Responses to Episode 35 – Downfall

  1. LMcCJ says:

    Part 1: So much goodness here. It's like a huge Christmas present of laughter.

    Just pop open that beer Mikey like no one is watching! (Are you wearing pants? Did anyone notice?)

    Kris, "I have an attorney…" Very interesting, Kris the newlywed, already has a competent divorce lawyer. There are stories here, my friends.

    Tank/Taint– Let's not go there. "Paging Dr. Freud!"

    Mikey giving Kim the double-finger. Fantastic use of video!

    Tom's doing Kim. Let's just put it out there.

    [This is a good week for breaking up the podcast into Parts.]

  2. Qmzn says:

    I… I don't have Netflix. I can barely afford my monthly costs as it is, and my internet connection doesn't handle streaming well, and… I like physical discs better anyway, you know?

    Worthless? Would a worthless person bask in the flow of a Dyson Air Multiplier and watch a DVD on a tube television while eating a Red Baron pizza? Would… I mean…

    Here's a word cloud for you: icy hands gripping my throat suffocating weight in my chest bitter lacrimation stinging my eyes isolation hopelessness put your right hand in the box what's in the box pain

    It seems like a commenter role reassessment hiatus is in order. I think I'll use the free time to search for a new hobby, perhaps something along the lines of curling up in an isolated anti-social abyss of soul-crushing despair and waiting for the sweet embrace of death. Or maybe the other curling, with the brooms and ice.


  3. Kyle_Douglas says:

    I was typing up a post giving Mikey a bit of grief for not being aware of Common Law Podcast Arrangements (teasingly, of course, I recognize this a hard time), when suddenly I get a CLPA notice of my own via email. Apparently as a submitter to KrisChoosesATopic on more than 3 occasions I'm now considered a subsidiary brand to chainsawsuit and owned by Kim Cattrall? When did I consent to THAT?!

    Look, I'm in full support of you guys. I loved the text overlay monocle, the low resolution Free Willy, the "In the book he died, but in the movie he was okay… I don't like those odds," and am looking forward to letting the Skyfall. Consider me slicking my hair back and giving a thumbs up.

    But, I've got to cover my legal bases, so uh…
    Sex and the City 5: Mikey Neumann Sucks a Big One!
    Reserve your seat now on Tryson Ticket-Apprentice!
    Check out the hot new poster! http://i.imgur.com/qwLld7G.png

    • Qmzn says:

      From now on, when I think of iconic movie posters, it'll be like, "Star Wars, Raiders, Jaws, Pulp Fiction, Sex and the City 5."

  4. LMcCJ says:

    (Whew! I finished the podcast. It's a non-standard week, I thought I'd have to wait till Thursday.)

    You can borrow videos from the library for free. Support your public library!

    Now, Kris, from which end does one load a horse? I'm just wondering how far in advance I have to plan to use my equine rifle colon.

    Nice touch with the monocle, Mikey.

    A happy Kim, is a fair Kim. My best suggestion is to find Kim a new man, then sue her for spousal support. Keep the gravy train coming.

  5. Zee says:

    Love the podcast but you guys are killing me with the background story with Kim/etc. It was funny towards the beginning when you guys would make subtle comments about a fictional producer but… Can there be too much of a good thing? I find myself skipping through more and more of the podcast each episode. The background story/bits just get old pretty fast. I really do enjoy your comments on movies, news, etc. Give us more of that!

    • Kyle_Douglas says:

      I'd imagine that once the podcast gets past the long-teased Episode 37 Apocalypse, we'll experience something of a reboot back into more standard fare with more subtle metahumor rather than arcing, building plots (even if I'm personally a huge fan of that stuff).

      Either that or the metaness will be turned up to 11; by which I mean Mikey will regenerate into Matt Smith.

      • krisstraub says:

        to me, i feel like that's where we're headed. it would be an appropriate place for that. i like the producer device, but the celebrity angle is making me nervous

        • MikeyNeumann says:

          Yeah, I agree with what Kris said. At episode 40, I imagine that's the end of this "season" of content.

          The podcast is a constantly evolving thing. We've done so many different things, and continue to change based on feedback from our listeners (ex: people got a bit tired of "saw it for you", so we put it back on the shelf for a bit, etc).

          I think at the moment, based on how much has built up to episode 37, the p-cast isn't the most comfortable thing for a new listener to just jump into with the newest episode. That's on me and I'm aware of it.

          As we've always done, we'll continue to evolve the show with the audience. I want the Chainsawsuit show to be something that everyone can enjoy (except for people that loved The Lone Ranger, that's gonna be a line I'm gonna have to draw in the sand).

          • Kyle_Douglas says:

            Further feedback:
            It might be worth considering taking that "season" out of quotes and making it literal? I'd imagine "Season 2, Episode 1" is a lot less intimidating to a new viewer than "Episode 41".

            I also thought that Tiny Turtle was a bit of a strange choice for "Previously On" since it felt self-defeating to me. Anyone who knows Tiny Turtle probably doesn't need the refresher/catch-up on the metastory, but anyone who actually does need it is fairly likely to have a bit of a "wtf?" reaction to that voice without context.

            Apologies to Tiny Turtle; I don't like beating up on the little guy. He might be better suited for a brief "Next Week On Chainsawsuit" preview (either genuine or just full of stuff that's obviously false)? Since then the viewer has already been acclimated to the tone of the show for an hour.

          • yossariantherye says:

            Woah wait what? people got *sick* of saw it for you? I've been jumping around the podcast (I watched the first ~dozen as they were released, then fell off for a bit as I had no time to listen, but in the past couple weeks found a dedicated timeslot at work that I can get stuff done and listen to the podcast; I've listened to the most recent three, then went back to where I left off and I'm now filling in the gap), and while I've enjoyed a lot of the humour and various discussions, the semi-frequent CSS:SiFY absolutely destroys me. Every time I think about Thor 4: 4 Thors, I begin cracking up; Pacific Rim-Ups 2 was pure transcendental genius, and as a huge cornetto fan who actually has NOT yet seen it, The World's End Saw it For You nearly made me wet myself.

            I hope you don't get rid of SiFY, because it's one of my absolute favourite segments, though I understand if you guys slow down the frequency of it (still, I've had no qualms with its frequency yet.)

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      Heh. Everyone is going to be into different things. I understand where you're coming from, though. Maybe it got away from us a bit, but that's the nature of producing something like this every week.

      Having a running narrative has always been part of the whole experience; to do something different than others are doing in the podcast space. Some people are really into it, so it makes sense that others wouldn't be as much.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  6. ThomasG says:

    favorite moment for me: rifled colon.

  7. sheanam says:

    Oh my lord, that was one of the purest instances of Cringe Comedy I've ever experienced. I didn't think anything would beat the Stouffer's episode in terms of how much uncomfortable, anxious squirming in my seat it produced, but here we are.

    (At least there weren't any chewing noises)

  8. yossariantherye says:

    I think it needs be said that the Red Light series of…. jokes? Entire weird, niche/brand of humour? Whatever the collective building may be called, the Red Light stuff is fantastic. I love comedy with allusion and a serious element of jokes being built/expanded upon (original series of Arrested Development is my go-to example for this), and the fact that every– or almost every– episode has a minor, unintrusive, but continuously absurd way to work in the Red Light is incredibly clever and incredibly funny. I know it's a minor thing, but I love how consistent and fresh you guys have managed to keep it, and it's one of the many little things that keeps me coming back to this podcast. As always, looking forward to more episodes, and happy holidays, guys– Boxing Day especially.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      That's been a goal since probably around episode 6 or 7, I think. We wanted to build a world that the podcast exists in. We have recurring characters and try to exist in our own universe. That's why there's a running plot and things (and bits like the red light.)

      Thanks for checking out the podcast and enjoying what we're putting out there.

  9. As the Kim-storyline is a bit confusing at the moment (where are you going to stay from now on, Mikey?) and there's all this building tension between Tom, Mikey and Kris now, where are you guys heading with the show? What is Tom going to "reveal" next? Looking forward to seeing the next one. You could call it #cheinsawsoot or #cheinsawsuite by the way, so as Kim won't be on to you.
    Oooh, and you know what? It would be fantastic if you could bring back Peter Capaldi and/or Steven Moffat at one point. If they're not still fighting over something… How about Steven as the next producer?
    Thank you very much guys for doing this show. I'm laughing AND cringing a lot. Please be safe.

  10. elber says:

    You guys should talk about the whole Shia Labeuf plagiarizm stuff, and the Goonies .. and maybe why the movie prisoners was so good!

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