Episode 32 – The Fall


Dang. Another week, another podcast. Some weeks I wish there were two, but we make do with what we have.

  • A new song in the intro from Katy Perry! How did we get her? Wait, did we get her?
  • The return of Kris Chooses a Topic. Throw your topics in the ring by sending them to krischoosesatopic@chainsawsuit.com and we’ll answer it on the show… unless it gets knocked out by a better topic!
  • A shocking development that will leave Neutral fans… shocked.
  • Plus, for the first time, no commercials! They’re still there, just not. Just listen.

And Chapter 3 of Mikey’s Neon Pulpit is up — get caught up, and continue the story here.

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22 Responses to Episode 32 – The Fall

  1. Kyle_Douglas says:

    Finally getting into the groove of having the custom songs start up the podcast instead of "Yo Kris, let's blast it!" and now this producer thing happens? Everything feels out of Cattrall! Er, control! I meant control. Sorry, Mikey.

    Animated Commercials: The NPR bit with the mutated birds hopped up on energy drinks seems ripe for animation. Things like Four Thors, Star Wars Sunrise Blanket, and the Star Trek bit from the live show also have a ton of potential but, like Mikey said, would also require a ton of effort.

    ChainsawItWithYou Firefly is the best idea I've heard since animated commercials!… Granted that was a fairly short time frame.
    Fair warning: Kris, if you don't at least like the episode "Out of Gas," my faith in your taste may be permanently shattered. Shattered!

    I'm not much of a laugh out loud guy, but the little flub of: "I would do anything for you Kris, even though your name is Derek." definitely got a big one. Crouched Jerky is also one of the better parodies I've heard for Pacific Kim. Rim! RIM!


  2. This comment is in regards to the potential of a chainsawsuit album.

    *throws iTunes card at computer screen*

    *waits patiently*

  3. Can I write on my resume that I want to be on a Game of Thrones Rickon spin off called Heir Wolf?

  4. Qmzn says:

    Cheerio, gents. Hold a moment, while I pour this brandy and light a cigar.

    Mmm. Forward then, to the discussion. This latest podcast was a delight, a shining example of the craft, featuring a balance between skits, soundscapes, and she-who-shall-not-be-named. A real treat. I'm having trouble thinking of a part that didn't meet or exceed the expected levels of flow, except for some stumbling during the back end of the nudity segment. Jacque's bizarre foreign accent over dramatic music in Sea Stars was the Explainsawsuit play-of-the-week.

    If you're going to do an album, then there should also be a remix album, and perhaps a heavily-vocoded chiptune version. Also, I have the elusive mp3 of the extended Airwolf theme, for real. It's glorious. Real vintage Belisarius, with aviator shades.

    In an effort to reduce flooding in texted areas, I've decided to try something new. As I listened to the podcast, I wrote down short notes to later remind myself of what to talk about. Rather than expand on those notes, I have decided to run them all together into a bizarre punctuation-free word collage. Please enjoy.

    don't say glee please double dads meat in seat clots first class evokes schoolgirl giggle j-j-j-jostens get hype tag me in slim jim delirium pact crouch jerky obsession I can think of some other c-words misconception by design is straight up ART yada yada failfly was canned for a reason you dummy-dumb idiot OBI-WIENER

    That's some class-A keyword metadata for the search engines, right there. Well, I'm out of gas. See you all on the Chainsawsuit BBS! *screeching modem noise*

  5. TV's Brent says:

    With all this nude talk, there’s an opportunity for money-making. I’m thinking a tasteful Hunks Of Chainsawsuit calendar. Tom can cover his naughty bits with a giant bag of Lay’s from Sam’s Club.

  6. LMcCJ says:

    New segment "Let's Find A Ladyfriend For Mikey". Start with Kathy Bates–I'll bet she could teach him a thing or two.

    Now, remind me, is Ty the fella that lasted longer on Strip Search than Kris?

    I have 67 cents, a tic tac and a 5 cent stamp for the album Kickstarter. Is this enough for little sister status (I'd give the $60k but there's no way I want to be Kris's other mother (no disrespect, Mrs. Straub).)?

    ALL the commercials. Then music videos.

  7. Kurt Lanson/Larson says:

    Thor 4 would be an amazing animation. I'm also quite partial to the Tumblr shutdown commercial and the NPR segment.

    Non-commercials could also work, such as the Tom Hiddleston calls, or my favorite Chainsawsuit moment of all time: the old guy playing World of Warcraft (such a good impression).

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      Two things I'm excited about in this post: 1) that everyone seems to universally love Kris's NPR segment as much as I do…though, I don't know if you're referring to the bird watching hour or the farthouse debacle (as farthouse was a work of genius.) And, 2) Yay old man playing World of Woydeecraft.

      • Kurt Lanson/Larson says:

        I guess I subconsciously combined the two NPR segments into one…But I loved both of them. It's the little things that really made it for me, like the narrator/interviewee's lines always nearly overlapping, and the debate guys constantly interrupting each other.

        • MikeyNeumann says:

          Kris is a master at that. I remember he did it in a commercial when we first started out and it really stuck with me. I've done similar things in some of my commercials, but he put on a masterclass in the Farthouse Scenario bit (which is Sirius, not NPR, oops, heh).

          I can't stress how hard that is. You have to record all of that stuff separately and try to make it sound natural.

          Seriously, the Farthouse is without equal. Kris is a genius.

  8. Tazsul says:

    Thor 4: Four Thors has to be my favorite commercial; I eagerly await an animation.

    • Tazsul says:

      Oops. Accidental early post. Sorry for double post.
      I love the original songs at the start of each episode of season two. In particular Chainsaws of Love was deeply moving. Great job on the podcast! Excellent as always.

  9. ThomasG says:

    My vote for an animated commercial: Pet-Tec

  10. @brockst4r says:

    I was really hoping the Jaeger naming would be a simultaneous exercise: Kris's is the first word and Mikey's is the second, but you just count to three and say them at the same time. By my calculations, the likelihood for hilarious good-times is high.

  11. @evilbadman says:

    Salutations Mrs Struab and Neumann-Catrall,

    Please see attached resume .jpg for available producer position. My career goal is to revive Blue Thunder. Thank you.

    The Peej
    (dictated but not read)

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