Episode 31 – When You’re Here


In episode 31, Kris goes to Australia forever… and he and Mikey have a lot to talk about:

  • Mikey mourns Kris’s tragic permanent departure, in song
  • Doctor Who (with actual Day of the Doctor spoilers, so be careful)
  • Movies and comics, and artistry vs. commerce. Kind of a serious conversation that gets hot!
  • Cuisine in Australia vs. cuisine in Olive Garden

Plus new commercials! Plus… it’s free!

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33 Responses to Episode 31 – When You’re Here

  1. MikeyNeumann says:

    What's funny, is I don't think I listed any Day of the Doctor spoilers at all! Everything I talked about in my crazy big Doctor Who theory is publicly advertised information.

    • Kyle_Douglas says:

      I think you're absolutely right that Moffat pushed for this retcon specifically to ensure he'd be able to close out the Thirteen while he's showrunner.

      … but I'll be very surprised if you're right that they'll actually take that opportunity to move on from The Doctor. I find it much more likely that once The Doctor finds the thing he decided to start looking for at the end of the 50th he'll be gifted with new regenerations.

      It'll be another big event like the 50th, but not really a gamechanger. And then the show shall continue until it becomes unprofitable again. Yay?

    • Katrina says:

      I've heard and thought similar things in regards to the series as a whole. It sure feels to me like it's winding down to an end, or at least some sort of closer of the Doctor's story. I hope they don't do what Kyle suggested with finding "the thing" he's be looking for and getting additional regenerations. At the same time, it seems like something that might happen. I just don't want the show to be kept going just for the sake of keeping it going. Don't get me wrong, I love Doctor Who. But I would rather it end on a high note instead of being unpurposefully drawn out just for the fan base.

    • cbrichar says:

      I really don't think they'd dare ever trying to steer the focus of the series away from the Doctor. Living over here in the UK, you really feel the weight of the fanbase – some of whom have been with the series *from the beginning*, which is really saying something. To say it's woven into the local geek cultural fabric is an understatement, and I honestly think anyone aiming to close it off would have multi-generational sci-fi fan fury to contend with.

      There are interviews with Moffat discussing his growing up watching the series in which he speaks passionately about its importance in his childhood and the particular influence of the Doctor. I agree that this retcon may have been pushed to allow him to handle the next transition himself, but I would suggest it's purely to ensure it's handled appropriately to allow the series to carry on into the future.

      …but of course I could be ENTIRELY wrong. It wouldn't be the first time that the series has, for all intents and purposes, ended.

  2. Lode says:

    Wait, there's three series from the BBC: you forgot Top Gear!

  3. Kiwi says:

    Hello friends – Calling someone from NZ a kiwi is perfectly acceptable; Not derogitory.

    • Another Kiwi says:

      Although it should be noted that saying kiwis are fruit is at the very least mildly irritating.

      Kiwis are birds. A kiwifruit is a fruit that kinda looks like a kiwi.

  4. Kiwi says:


  5. Kyle_Douglas says:

    Wow, I didn't really expect to see another episode of this series after the Space-Australia-Crisis reboot to "Ultimate Chainsawsuit Podcast: Episode #00, with Kristina and Teen Mikey"

    But, since Huntyr is the producer on that show (and always hitting on Kristina, ew), I'm guessing this was mostly a cross-promotion thing?

    Either way, I look forward to the 50th Anniversary "Day of the Chainsawsuit" Special in 2063, which is sure to bring back fan favorites from both continuities.

  6. Ford Dent says:

    The curator's talk with number 11 (or I guess 12 if we're being pedantic) already made it pretty clear there's going to be a way around the whole 13 Regenerations deal.

    Also don't forget that the Time Lords clearly know how to give a new round of Regenerations to people, because they bribed the Master into helping them once by offering him just that. Fingers crossed that he regenerates into a lady though–Neil Gaiman's first episode made the concept of a Time Lord swapping genders between regenerations a real thing that can happen, so there's that. One hopes, anyway.

  7. LMcCJ says:

    I enjoyed the addendum to my KCAT from weeks ago re: vomit. Public urination is easily a subcategory.

    You didn't need KCAT this week.

    There was a weird jump around 45 minutes in. Maybe I just lost track of the convo.

    "…that Olive Garden strange…" My first thought was, "No, no, that's Nana!" Eww.

    Mikey, I'm sure the dozens of postcards Kris mailed you each day he was gone, will all arrive at once, full of the love and longing that you know he felt but wouldn't acknowledge.

    • krisstraub says:

      i actually barely talked to anyone in australia! i think i made some of my friends mad.

      • LMcCJ says:

        At $50/day that's practically professional grade luvin'…well, maybe in the midwest…anyway, they'll get over it, eventually.

  8. I, for one, want to hear Mikey's thoughts on Fincher. And Danny Boyle. And Soderbergh. And Nicholas Winding Refn. And Side By Side. Could you guys actually just do a segment about visual storytelling as often as possible?

    Also Tarantino, as a counterpoint to the whole Robert Rodriguez thing.

    • krisstraub says:

      yeah, i thoroughly enjoyed this discussion. i like when we don't feel beholden to be funny in a certain way. WE ARE INTERESTING PEOPLE WHO LIKE EACH OTHER, ISN'T THAT ENOUGH

  9. ludux says:

    Aw yeah, food talk! Seriously, I could listen to a 'Mikey Talks About Food' podcast all on its own.

  10. Liz says:

    While listening to the new podcast this morning I became the crazy person on the bus because everything you guys said about stories not ending and how that is not a story was perfect. This has been bugging me in recent years. I think it started when people starting flooding the internet, in particular twitter, on how they were so sad a show was ending. After that show is giving one last season to wrap everything up, and does just that, the fans scream for a movie right away. (The show I'm really talking about is Chuck.) We seem to be in a culture in which people don't ever want anything to end, but that just makes really crappy stories, especially in television. Or maybe I have a television biased. Anyways, this particular episode made me realize why I don't tend to read superhero comics and in more into comics where characters are killed or change and that change is not reversible and the creators state that there will be an end.

    As for Doctor Who, I like the show, but really how many more years can this current season go on? Society has forgotten how nice it is to have endings and discover new stories.

    • ludux says:

      A perfect, and maybe only in-recent-memory of a show ending /right/, without trailing off into 'maybe sequel bait' plot holes and unresolved issues, or a quagmire of well-past-prime in-jokes (looking at you, The Simpsons and Family Guy – Breaking Bad. Proved that an ending built up to, and embraced without flinching, creates something infinitely more powerful and memorable.

  11. Benjamin says:

    Back in the halcyon days when I was interested in anime (in recollection: ugh), one of the things I really enjoyed was that they told stories with a start and end. I like that they knew that the time they had with the story and lore of the universe they created was finite and that created a sense of urgency and heft to each episode rather than a "Oh well we don't have ideas, let's just add some stupid filler this episode" like some weekly television shows do on occasion.

    I found that discussion very interesting. I never got into comic books, but I understand how Kris feels regarding wanting to know the lore, but not put up with all the bullshit of actually reading the comics. Because I think the lore and its evolution is super interesting! I just don't care how many times they reboot Spiderman to be a gay black astronaut quadriplegic savant because ratings (or whatever equivalent comic books have to ratings).

    Thoroughly enjoyed this episode! Glad to be finally caught up again. Looking forward to next week's. I hope Mikey enjoys my Kris Chooses a Topic submission.

    • krisstraub says:

      i think quite literally ratings. in publishing it's circulation, but i wonder how much they bank on local news and tv picking the story up like "well, comic book fans, spider-man is about to change forever."

      i don't know, you'd think that wouldn't move the needle a whole lot.

      • MikeyNeumann says:

        It's a medium that prioritizes ANNOUNCING any major death months ahead of time. That's how the news organizations always know to run with it, because they get a dumb butt press release about it. This alone tells me it's not about storytelling but about cynical marketing strategies for pushing numbered products down the line.

  12. Benjamin says:

    Well that and it's much easier to continue an already existing universe than create a new one from scratch every few years.

  13. sheanam says:

    This is actually one of my favorite episodes I think, because it features my favorite type of segment: Mikey and Kris just talking.

    The various skits and character interactions and Saw It For You and so on can be funny, but I think they're best when they're short, snappy and sporadic. Kris Chooses A Topic and non-specific naturally flowing and tangenting chat, recollections, debates, mulling, deconstructions, and just general, relaxed, earnest conversation? I could listen to that all afternoon, yo.

  14. Wanda June says:

    Great show this week. As much as I like KCAT, I feel like you guys rush through the topics with it. I enjoyed the longer form discussion that happened here.

  15. LMcCJ says:

    What happened to Qmzn this week? I hope he isn't sick.

  16. Qmzn says:

    Episode 31, the podcast of weighty discussion that don't stop 'til you shut it off!

    The opening was good fun, especially when that insecure, unraveled inner voice kept interjecting. Then, the big bad tangent. The quality of the discussion justified the length. Dr. Who wasn't entirely in my wheelhouse, but the other subjects were, especially comic books (more on that later.) I feel like there's the potential for a Dr. Neumann lecture on military history and bleach-bypass film processing. I'll attend, but only if there's a veggie plate afterwards.

    Commercials: "Grindhouse" was funny. Bizarre impersonations. Love that Wilhelm scream. Unplanned relevance to the discussion helped elevate it. "DC" is one of my favorite commercials thus far. I lost it at the Joker's erotic face-cutting.

    The focus meandered a bit after the quality anecdotes, as Mikey tried to find Huntyr's voice. Current events is a decent fit at the end, but I like it better at the start. The Huntyr spot was definitely the right closing note. It felt good! It felt good.

    Back to comics, I've had similar discussions regarding the "do sameoldtiredcrap() while (profits > 0)" loop. I'd like to add a few thoughts. Rant, incoming.

    Dark Knight Returns, Year One, and Long Halloween are each set in a fixed span of time. This serves to quickly define Batman's age, abilities, and fallibility. The DC Animated Universe follows suit, even stepping away from that eternal second act (as Miller's DKR did) with Batman Beyond.

    What drives me up a wall is how DC and Marvel refuse to make these kinds of isolated story arcs their primary focus, especially when such tales have laid the groundwork for successful derivative works. Instead, they try to organize the grand story of everything and how it relates, then struggle to keep that steaming mess hip and relevant to a modern crowd of teenage males (protip: more boobs.) This all culminates in some illogical, dimension-hopping narrative consisting of granny knots and character vomit, usually followed by a contrived time-space reboot bomb, such as Marvel's House of M, DC's Flashpoint, or any comic with Crisis in the title.

    The latest dimension-jumping shark, New 52, seems an excuse to slap a "NEW!" sticker on the same-ol' stream of shallow serial works. It seems cruel to wish for its failure, but when the comic industry falters, there's a chance some one-shot greenlit in desperation will become the blueprint for something great.

    On a side note, Owlman echoes Mikey's nihilistic criticism of the comic multiverse in the animated movie Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. Agh, there's that C-word again, though.

    I could prattle on further, perhaps going into Marvel's dysfunction and such, but these damned text walls get too high as it is. Time to wrap up. Thanks for provoking all these thoughts, podcastronauts.

    Marvel… Marvel… Hmm. That reminds me of… something.

  17. elber says:

    I´m only in season 3 of Doctor Who, will the spoilers be too big and important? I want to listen this episode so much!

  18. Jeroen says:

    They made a show of the War Doctor regenerating, but this time with no depression over destroying the Time-Lords. I have a feeling that it's going to be a split in the timeline, the current one and the branch off that resulted from the events of the special. After those regenerations are used up, who knows? Could do all sorts of things, 50 years of show leaves you with a lot to play on.

  19. Robopengy says:

    Mikey, what do you think of the part of Kingdom of Heaven when Balian asks Saladin what Jerusalem is worth and he answers "Nothing!…..Everything!"?

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