Episode 28 – Throne Game


This is an amazing episode of Chainsawsuit. We took it to a whole other level this week. Just listen. Rap, acapella, topics, friends becoming enemies — it’s just everything.

And when you’re done listening, read Mikey’s The Ending for free — two devastating new chapters are up.

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21 Responses to Episode 28 – Throne Game

  1. Qmzn says:

    How should I kick this off? Still thinking about that homage opening song, and the young stars of the Diz' Chan'… Hmm…

    Hey there, Sawsketeers! It's time for the Chainsawsuit Fan Club! Pull your starter cords, and sing along!

    What's the mascot of the site where cool kids want to be?


    What legendary weapon fells a zombie like a tree?


    Chainsawsuit! Chainsawsuit! Forever hold our bloody chainsaws high! High! High! Hi-

    Hold on a second, new E-mail. Let's see…Disney Corporation, blah blah blah, come to our attention, more words… cease and desist immediately or legal action will be taken against-

    Okay, on to this week's liner notes!

    Harsh honesty: last week was pretty subdued and seldom to my taste. Considering the trying circumstances, though, I didn't feel right to nitpick such a pleasant conversation between good friends. I also had a feeling 28 would be back in my wheelhouse, and it was.

    The song was payoff for the epic hype. It's the game of spittin' rhymes, b-words. With tunes like that, you can deej my wedding anytime. I'm planning on at least three next year.

    Fight night preview? You have proven the ability to pull off the future feud, if you're still feeling it. Sounds like it'll be hard to sustain the faux anger, though.

    I was impressed by the "Fart House" spot. The production value really sold the rather silly concept of the joke. It sounded dead-on like a political satellite radio show, and the length was just right.

    K-CAT was a solid, well-organized segment this week. It's nice to see guidelines and boundaries being set as it evolves.

    Regarding Zatanna's attire: While I lack encyclopedic knowledge of DC, I believe any number of explanations elevate her costume beyond the typical half-naked treatment of comic heroines. She was her father's magician's assistant, so perhaps it was an attempt to retain her branding as she moved into a solo career. I subscribe to the idea that her costume distracts and misdirects her foes from realizing her true nature, which is a strong thematic tie to her behavior. Her stage presence then becomes a sort of alter-ego, that she hides her real magical powers behind. If you're not buying what I'm selling, fine, because New 52 Zatanna now wears skin-tight leather pants, but I personally find that even less practical and just as sexualized as the fishnets.

    In other K-CAT news, this Nick guy… doesn't like The Wire? The HELL? On my second viewing of that classic series, I filled an entire wall of my room with photos, pushpins and yarn, to index that rich, dense, hip universe. You can still see the holes. What kind of d-bag turns their nose up at quality premium cable programming? The verbosity of the question bugged me too. If you're submitting a K-CAT, kids, THINK before you puke out some vocabularious tongue twister. Read it out loud, or better yet, delete it, watch The Wire and Firefly back-to-back, then kill yourself. Ugh. Eff that guy.

    Afterwards, that was a nice little dab of episode 16-esque keepin' it real, talking about losing your cool in arguments, tearing people down to feel superior, and feeling bad in hindsight. I can relate.

    And then there was Oregon Trail: SVU. Loved it. Brilliant. Memorable. Standout. Capped it like pros.

    On negatives, the discussion meandered down the mundane small-talk road a little in the first 30, and as much as I dig the sexy a capella harmonies, I would have liked something else there at the end besides an unaltered reprise. Overall, though, great work, well above what anyone could expect out of a weekly show.

    Well, looks like we're outta time. Be sure and stay tuned for a brand-new episode of Explainsawsuit! You won't believe which celebrity rock 'n' roller showed up stoned out of their mind! Also, please join the club next week, with special guest Benedict Cumberbatch, and his fantastic troupe of trained pygmy goats. And remember, Chainsawyers…

    These "I's" saw it for you…
    Reading your E-mails…
    W… S… U… I… T

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      Your recaps, per usual, are a highlight of a new podcast. Maybe back it up, just a _bit_ on the K-CAT hate on poor Nick, there. I related to his quandary–WAITAMINUTEYOU'RENICK. *points at nose* You got me.

      I'm starting to get comfortable putting more production into the podcast itself, going back and adding all of the sound work and mix (though, I never edit the conversation in any way. Those are the exact talks and timing that it comes out in).

      Damn, now I'm all hyped for next week!

      • LMcCJ says:

        No way! I was going to say something in Nick's defense because I liked the style of his rambling question 😉 He sounded very Nick McCann Jeffers and I wanted to offer him entree into my world but, I thought it would be crossing a line, that chainsawsuit line of propriety. I'll get you yet Mr. Neutral.

        • Qmzn says:

          Entry into K-CAT is only step one of my plan. Cooperate, and you will receive the compensation you seek. Expect instructions during the waxing gibbous moon of March.

          I cannot say any more until then, except that we have someone on the inside, close to the throne.

      • Qmzn says:

        I don't think I've gotten a chance to say this yet, that it is surprising such a listenable show comes out of unedited conversation. I've heard plenty of other talk shows with less flow, or artificial flow from cheap, canned segues. There's also no do-while loop reiteration of the same points, which I personally tend to do in my most off-the-cuffiest ad-lib moments with friends.

        With such a low level of stalling, I've been wondering if you guys warm up at all before you jump in, or if you just start cold. Either way, impressed, ever since I caught a glimpse of the magic live at Gilley's Dallas. Please keep on keepin' on.

        • krisstraub says:

          We like each other! And we like to hear each other talk, and to listen. It's tough to listen to a radio show or podcast where the hosts have no chemistry, or one is always trying to be heard over the other one.

  2. LMcCJ says:

    "b-words" always makes me laugh.

    I think if fornications occur at a wedding, the DJ is tipped handsomely by various groomsmen. I'm pretty sure you learn that at DJ school.

    Does Kris even listen to the finished product here? Couldn't MIkey slip *anything* into the podcast in post? Just something to think about Mr. Neutral.

    I missed Kim this week. Hope it isn't morning sickness.

    Kris, I expect your mom will call you this week and ask what a "killer dong" is. Please let us know how that goes.

  3. ThomasG says:

    I heard "wrecking ball" on the radio and I was surprised to like it. I've seen thumbnails of the video online which was enough of that for me. Nudity doesn't HAVE to be racy and sexualized, but you know, that's kind of a big theme with her work at the moment. It can be a good way to show vulnerability. But, in hearing that there's licking involved… I'm guessing that wasn't entirely the point here? It's not remotely a sexy song.

    Regardless, hearing Kris' endorsement made me feel immensely better about myself. I'm normally the music snob in my household, but when I mentioned to my wife that I liked it, oh man the shame. 😛

  4. Steve says:

    That podcast is damn good
    Had some good laughs
    Keep it up you're awesome

  5. Kyle_Douglas says:

    Kris mentioned not being aware of any songs about nudity. The only one I can think of off-hand that's at least a bit about that is Jonathan Coulton's "First of May":
    "Water's not cold baby dip in your big toe
    Maybe I'll see you in flagrante delicto"

    While not judging, I've made a personal note to immediately wash my hands if I ever shake Mikey's.
    Is Kim-Cat fine with that level of filth?… Probably.

    Despite your dread of "Episode 37: Beyond Beyond Thunderdome: Back Inside Thunderdome" I'm quite looking forward to it after the preview here. Go train by watching some cable news shouting-fests while playing the Rocky theme in the background.

  6. Matt M says:

    Loving the podcast so far, but I do have one issue: the dynamic range is too big! The difference between the quiet and loud parts is quite large, and the commercials are always loudest. I spend a lot of time adjusting the audio, either in my car or my computer speakers, to prevent my ears from getting blasted off.

    Have you thought about using a limiter or compressor to keep the volume levels consistent throughout the episode? That would really please me.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      There is both a limiter and a compressor on all recorded dialogue. The commercials and intros are generally a bit louder because of how we mix them — I need to start bringing them down to compensate for the levels we talk at. Generally the speech is between -14 and -3 whereas the supplemental stuff is pretty much always peaked at 0 because we put music and sound effects all over them and don't mix them down.

      • Matt M says:

        Okay, fair enough. It just seems louder (and quieter) to me than some of the other podcasts I listen to, so I wanted to bring it up in case you were wondering if it needed adjustment. If the segments were brought down, and the low parts brought up, that would be pretty ideal.

        Really enjoying the content, all the same.

        • MikeyNeumann says:

          Yeah, thanks for the feedback. It's certainly something I've noticed and depending on the dynamic range of what you're listening to it on, that makes a difference. The turnaround on getting everything edited after recording is quite short — this is something we do for free and it already takes up 3-4 hours every sunday. It'll keep getting better 😀

  7. @evilbadman says:

    A topic I was planning to submit this week was partially answered. If you could "play in the sandbox" of the other's work, which universe would you want? Mikey obviously wants to do Broodhollow things, but what about Kris? Goofy Borderlands manufacture advertisements? Drawing something from Returners or The Ending?

  8. sheanam says:

    'Typhoid Mikey' has a nice ring to it, don't you think? Snappy, referential, gets the point across.

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