Episode 22 – Pumpkin Spice


What a week! Mikey and Kris had a pretty rough go of it, but still managed to cover:

  • Toys for girls and/or boys
  • Writing when your audience has a better idea than you
  • The fallout from the nightmare of last week’s show

ALSO! Check out Mikey’s novelette vena cava — and download The Returners Season One for nothing!

Praise for The Returners:

“To put it completely blunt, ‘The Returners’ is a work of art—a harmonious blend of science fiction, humor, action, history, and a hint of romance.”
– ScienceFiction.com

Grab it, then listen to the podcast while reading! (If you can do that I’d be super-impressed.)

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9 Responses to Episode 22 – Pumpkin Spice

  1. LMcCJ says:

    Spit out my coffee with the Apple commercial.

    The Human Centipede "powerpoint" riff was hysterical.

    Just FYI–Original Nerf products are in the Boy aisle at the toy store. While the new girly line is offensive, it will be positioned in the Girl aisle. The pinkness and decorated projectile will skew the whole demographic younger and girls will collect the assorted darts. I'm guessing.

  2. John P. says:

    Maaan, I'm disappointed that Mikey didn't mention he had had a couple of drinks and then apologize immediately in this episode. He had a streak going!

  3. JPLC says:

    Mikey, "yes, and" is pretty important. C'mon.

  4. Kris says:

    Hey guys, we seem to be having some comment migration issues. Sorry about that. I'm working on it.

  5. ThomasG says:

    years ago, ironic machismo was all the rage

    evidently, Dr. P's ad crew forgot the "ironic" part, and just went full-on sexist machismo (unfunny and stupid to boot)

    yeah, i hated hearing that Dr. P commercial. it made my heart sad.

    but hey, they got people talking about it, right? and if it's a gaffe, they can just apologize and enjoy the boost in consideration of their brand.

    to me, "pink nerf" seems to highlight an already sexist status quo more than it seems offensive. it would be nice to see girls on some of the standard nerf boxes. though nerf's not that great anyway. besides the battle axes and such.

    synopses(?) and "lets plays" are great sources for high-level story ideas without having to sludge through a movie or game that doesn't seem worth the time commitment. i love to check 'em out. thanks wikipedia! now i don't have to watch all of the friday the 13th movies. everything worth knowing was probably on your wikipedia page.

    mikey, please stop harassing kim.

  6. Prior Semblance says:

    Whatever happened with episode 19?

  7. Cal Vn says:

    Ok, there's no way it is pronounced "kay-va". cava is Latin, and in Latin it's pronounced "kaah-va" (as Mikey initially thought; he was right from the start).
    Let's not mistakenly impose American pronunciation on the ancient Roman language.

  8. This made me feel better, I never finish games. Actually the last one I can think I finished was the first Borderlands and that was the week it came out hahahaha!

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