Episode 20 – Hunter Green Cadillac


The podcast is back, son! Episode 19 was recorded live (we assume) (and must be out there), but until we can track it down, we’re rolling ahead with Big Two-Zero!!

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20 Responses to Episode 20 – Hunter Green Cadillac

  1. krisstraub says:

    guess what, i AM in the comments now. take that michel

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      Whoa, hey. Let's slow it down here. I don't want to comment that we can't take back.

      I had a rough enough night thanks to KC; I don't need you pulling a Steven Moffat, okay?

  2. LMcCJ says:

    (Can't participate. Don't watch Sherlock or Doctor Who.)

    Mikey the narcoleptic stalker. "I don't think I'm out." Ha! Here's a tip, go into Kim's closet, put on her clothes, then go to sleep in her kitchen. Can't lose.

    I can't believe the senior Mr. & Mrs. Straub didn't make guest appearances. Think of the stories they could tell! Missed opportunity.

    • krisstraub says:

      my mom always gets hurt when i tell jokes like they're mad at me or disappointed in me. my parents have always been VERY supportive of what i've wanted to do.

      • LMcCJ says:

        Paging Dr. Joyce Brothers…

        I was going for those embarrassing stories from childhood. (Your mom won the Supportive Parent Award when she stuck notes in some orders a few years back.) But, c'mon, didn't you do some sort of adult comic at one time? That's a challenging thing for parents to brag about.

        Let me talk to them. I'll preinterview them for you! This is podcast gold.

  3. The Woman says:

    Mikey, you really can't be sure where you stand with Kim Cattrall until she changes the text message alert sound on your phone. You know this.

  4. Willie says:

    This is the first Chainsawsuite episode I've listened to, and I'm listening to it at work so only kind of half listening, and I spent the last 20 minutes flopping back and forth between whether or not the story was true or not, mainly because I only registered about 40% of what was said, and missed every other name detail. It's been an interesting half an hour xP

  5. Jake says:

    Thanks to this podcast, I've found my true calling.

    Though I will probably will only be able to afford one 1994 Cadillac deville on my tgif salary, and its calypso green.

  6. Thorbie says:

    I love your commentary about Steven Moffat, because it sounds like you guys just decided to make fun of him, without really knowing much about him or Doctor Who and that in turn just makes for hilarious results. It's like getting assigned a book report on a book you didn't read and instead you're just making it up as you go along.

    • MikeyNeumann says:

      Actually, there's some really funny commentary in between the recording that was funny. I _adore_ Moffat and have watched everything and worship at the altar of the Moff-man. Conversely, Kris has seen a few episodes of Sherlock and might be warming up to the idea that he's actually a genius!

  7. On the topic of Moffat taking flack for his treatment of Dr. Who, it's important to appreciate the two separate and very distinct phases of his tenure:

    – Everything from the start of Matt Smith's run as the 11th Doctor that involved Amy Pond, Rory & River:
    Solid nerd gold. Some of the most incredible long-arching storylines, complex character development and innovate plotlines I've ever seen, which made for incredibly engaging entertainment, moments of which are still very clear in my memory now.

    – Everything post-Pond:

    • The Woman says:

      To be fair, there's only been 9 post-Pond stories.

      My only issue with Moffat has been his not really following through with those long-arching storylines. One of the last lines of Series 5 (which was fantastic) was: "The *spoiler* *spoilered* for a reason. Why here and why now?"

      There's never really been an answer to that question.

      If the 50th Anniversary or the Christmas Special does manage to tie up all of Moffat's loose ends, I'll praise him until the end of time (and space).
      If not, I'll be a bit disappointed.

      • That's very true, and in fairness my post-Pond whinging is mainly due to my still feeling almost entirely disconnected from Clara while still remembering how engaged I was in the progression of the previous companions. It feels far more 'monster-of-the-week' driven.

        But in the end, any small qualms I may have are completely and entirely overshadowed by the coming greatness of Peter Capaldi oh hell yes yes yes.

  8. LMcCJ says:

    "…an animated jpeg…" C'mon, tell us what you really think Moffat. Is it a gif or a gif?

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