oh boy

i’m revisiting this comic that i did two years ago to include common arguments made by opponents of the comic. i have a hard time distilling these thoughts into structures that aren’t analogies, and analogies by their very nature are simplifications. if they do their job right, they at least make the reader consider how another side sees an issue. “okay. i can at least understand why it would be looked at that way, even if i don’t.”

my biggest problem isn’t even people who take issue with the analogy. it’s people who have argued against it via things like fire safety protocols. “actually, it’s a good idea to wet down a house if it’s near a fire. so what’s your point?”

the point is, all lives do matter. but lives in mortal peril need more immediate consideration than those that aren’t. that’s not to say there aren’t different levels of jeopardy in everyone’s lives, all of which need to be addressed. there’s always someone with a worse situation, and we get to decide which one to put our energy into. that’s how it’s always been. yes: all lives matter.

but i have the luxury of getting in my car today, getting pulled over for an expired sticker, and having a reasonable expectation that i’ll only receive a ticket instead of four bullets to the torso.

right now, a lot of people don’t have that luxury. “black lives matter” never meant “only black lives matter.” it means they matter as well. as much as. i am not black. i don’t feel devalued by that assertion in the slightest. why on earth would i?

good luck out there today, friends. and whatever your opinion is, be patient in the comments when voicing it. it’s worth the conversation, and i won’t put a lid on it if it’s done respectfully.