there’s a theory making waves across the gastrointestinal community that laxatives completely ignore the deep psychological effects of tummy trouble. it’s time for a more comprehensive treatment. it’s time to take charge of your butt™

thanks @shamzham for the suggestion

Penny Arcade Make-a-Strip 2015

I drew today’s Penny Arcade live on stage at PAX Aus! This PAX was a very special one for me — PAX is important to me. I genuinely love the people and what the show means to so many. It was an honor to get to co-host events like the Child’s Play auction and the Omegathon Final Round. I’m feeling real mushy about it, gang.

28 Plays Later 30th Episode Live!

This week’s 28 Plays Later was performed live in front of a studio audience! Featuring musical guest Tripod! This one was a ton of fun to do. Thank you everyone for listening and for supporting the show! Paul and I are very proud of it!