been in talks for a long time now, but i’m excited to announce:

Renowned Horrorman Kris Straub Reveals Development-Ready “Nightmares Park”
August 11, 2015

Seattle, WA – Kris Straub, creator of Candle Cove (now in series development at SyFy) and Broodhollow (not in development because period piece = too $$$) is giving idea-birth to a new horror legend: Nightmares Park.

“It’s basically just Jurassic Park but I replaced the dinosaurs with nightmares,” said Straub as he typed this. “It’s pretty much just going to be Jurassic Park but about dreams.”

When the sleep research conglomerate Oneirosyn licenses their dream-realization technology to a theme park company, they end up creating the world’s most terrifying attraction: a place where everyone’s worst dreams become real… but safely behind glass. That is, unless the man the cages are wired to falls asleep.

“It doesn’t make a lot of sense as a device, but there had to be a way for things to go wrong,” said Straub. Straub was talking again. “Maybe I should do it where the guy has to wake up, and that makes the nightmares escape. But then that implies that it’s just his own nightmares. I wanted it to be everyone’s nightmares. That will pay off better later.”

“The best Straub in horror is back,” said me.

Kris Straub is not Peter Straub’s son but he once saw The Talisman at an airport bookstore.

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