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PRESS RELEASE – World-Renowned Author Kris Straub Reveals New Erotic Blockbuster

Get ready for “Sex” with Kris Straub’s “The Wildstreak Chronicles: Meeting Geoffrey Sex”

When Bellissima Wildstreak, cub reporter for New York’s most prestigious finance magazine MoneyBoys, gets an opportunity to interview corporate wunderkind Geoffrey Sex, she pounces on the opportunity. But Sex turns out to be more than just a handsome, charming billionaire — he also introduces the meek-but-willing Wildstreak to the secret underground world of erotic trashplay.

Straub turns the horniness level up to 11 million in his star-making foray into the genre. “I wanted to basically rip off Fifty Shades of Grey,” said Straub in an exclusive interview for his own press release. “They just announced a movie and it looks dumb as shit. I can’t believe people eat this stuff up. It’s just porn that pretends to be sophisticated but come on.”


“I’m not sure if I should,” Bellissima intoned huskily, her hesitance betrayed by her quivering girl-whatevers.

“I think,” he said with a gentle nod of his head as he pushed open the secret bookcase door, “it’s time you met the real Geoffrey Endeavor Maximillian Sex.”

The bookcase door swung open exactly like a real door to reveal Mr. Sex’s innermost, privatest sexual playground: a room meticulously painted to look like a city landfill. “When I’m done with my important work,” Geoffrey said, “this is where I can come out to play.”

He kneeled and sunk his hands into the old newspapers, diapers, empty cans of Coke and plastic grocery bags. He swept his arms in two great arcs as his eyes widened and pulse pounded in his super-masculine chest.

“I like doing it on top of or near garbage.”

Bellissima nearly fainted with hyper-lust.