i watched dave kellett and fred schroeder’s documentary stripped last night. i loved it. it was a love letter to comics, and a bit of an admonishment to the syndicate model. well — “admonishment” is the wrong word. whether you condemn it or praise it, the newspaper as we know it is going away. but comics are not.

david malki ! basically had the root of the whole film, saying the exact words that i imagine, in general, a documentarian has to assemble from the thoughts of ten other interviews. it is excellent, excellent, excellent, and the doc has a message that can be applied to any creative endeavor.

if you are interested in such things, the filmmakers are asking you to get the movie on iTunes on april 1st so they can shoot to number one that day. it’s not impossible!

i am not big on earnestly plugging stuff here on chainsawsuit, but stripped spoke to me.

if nothing else, enjoy the true glory of what dave and fred captured on film: the most ridiculous facial hair i have ever had