i did a comic about this before, but the amazing thing is, it’s still going on!

in summary: shia laboeuf, known for staring with his mouth open at either optimus prime or indiana jones, made a short film which completely ripped off the premise and story beats and even dialogue from cartoonist daniel clowes. shia started to apologize… but then it was revealed his apologies were cribbed from other famous apologies. then shia came out and said “ha ha, this is performance art, i wasn’t really apologizing.” meanwhile, clowes is preparing to sue shia for the original theft.

in an interview, shia tried to shift the conversation to one about art and creativity in the age of mechanical reproduction, and how corporate it is to claim to “own” an idea.

unfortunately he came to this thinking after his financial success. if this was first-year art school, he would have been expelled. art has to have a thesis, and it has to be accountable. you can’t not turn in your art homework, then claim the whole point was to make a high-concept statement about not turning in your homework.

shia would also say this is real art because look how much attention it’s getting, and the conversations it’s starting. if i scream fire in a crowded building, i will be paid attention. the problem is, eventually, someone calls in the police to make me stop.