we here at chainsawsuit are proud to stand on the flying edge of the future. it’s frightening at times, isn’t it? thankfully you can use datayorbs in beta right now and keep your bucks safe from market volatility

  1. create your own unique three-alphanumeric-digit “yorbkey” by using your first initial, last initial, and a number from 0-9. for instance, my yorbkey is ks4.
  2. after your key, put a period, and then list (without dollar signs or commas) how many dollars you have to your name. so, my yorbstring would be ks4.403.
  3. that’s it, now you’re using datayorbs. right now they are pretty much equal to 1 USD each, but as volume increases, their value is sure to rise

EDIT: sorry everyone, but reddit denied my AMA post, they said that datayorbs were not as good as bitcoins. the conspiracy must be uncovered. that’s why i’m taking my AMA to the PEOPLE, right here, in my own comments section.

IAmA developer of the new digital currency system DATAYORBS, ask me anything. Proof: https://chainsawsuit.com/yorbproof.jpg