these tomes have made an overall difference in my life

and now, for an out-of-character Capitalized Announcement

Did you know I’m going to be in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Earth all of next week? It’s for Symphony of Legends: Video Games Unplugged, featuring myself and ABC3’s Paul Verhoeven as presenters! It’s at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Saturday 23 November, at 7pm! It will be a fine night of video game themes performed by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, along with hijinks from Paul and me interrupting the whole business.

I’d also love to do a meetup while I’m there. I’m thinking Tuesday or Wednesday night, somewhere in South Bank. If you’re from Brisbane, give me some suggestions in the comments! And if you’re from Melbourne, take it easy, I’m not going there this go-round, but I’ll see you at PAX Aus.