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I’m using normal capitalization now! Announcements!

The Broodhollow Kickstarter is up to $76,500 as of this writing. That’s huge. It’s still sneaking up on a stretch goal that is going to be awesome — I will be doing an ongoing review series where I dissect creepypasta and scary stories on the internet. What’s scary, what’s lame, what went wrong. It will be humorous.If you haven’t backed, please consider doing it!

Anything helps, and even at the lowest tier, you get an edition of the book.And if you already backed, let others know about Broodhollow. This Kickstarter doing well helps me make everything I make for you — it means a lot to me it’s done this well so far. There’s 22 days left so there’s a ton of time to get in on it.

Chainsawsuit is doing a LIVE show at the Triple Door in Seattle, WA before PAX Prime in August! Tickets for two shows, Thursday and Friday, are now on sale. Hosted by myself and Mikey Neumann!! Both shows have completely different guests and content — we haven’t announced who yet but we have some startlingly big names. I’m really upset about it.

I have two more big announcements around PAX as well! But for now we return you to your regularly scheduled uncapitalized chainsawsuit standard formatting