the time ruiner has got up to some hijinks before but this is a little outside his wheelhouse

in case you weren’t awake all night last night on twitter like i was, here’s the rundown, and forgive/correct any inaccuracies:

  • texas senate bill 5 (SB5) was set to go to a vote tuesday, which severely restricts ob/gyn clinic access throughout the state (because abortion is on their list of services). democrat senator wendy davis filibustered for 11 hours under many caveats (texas has laws against sitting, leaning, or using the bathroom during a filibuster, and she was forbidden from discussing sonograms and roe v. wade among other topics) to prevent the vote until after midnight.
  • with about 10 minutes to go, the gallery started cheering and clapping to further delay the vote. order could not be restored in time.
  • the official vote was recorded at this texas government site as 6/26 at 12:02 am.
  • state troopers began clearing the gallery and threatening arrests.
  • 9 minutes later, the vote record suddenly indicated the vote happened on 6/25.
  • all of this went down in front of a live audience of 160,000+ people watching a stream courtesy of the texas tribune.
  • the senate met privately to decide whether or not SB5 had actually passed in light of everything that happened
  • after the tribune livestream died, 30,000+ people migrated to watch christopher dido’s stream from the gallery, which i think was being sent from his phone.
  • as of 2:23am, it was announced SB5 had been killed. i guess the senate decided it did not want a month of riots

an historic, bizarre night with many takeaways — even regardless of your own political beliefs. a big one: none of this was being covered by mainstream media at all. social media carried the entire night. think about 160,000 americans getting their news from youtube and twitter, while cnn talked about calories in blueberry muffins.

i try to stay pretty light and nonsensical here but this felt like a night that will change a lot of how american politics and the media are perceived in weeks and months to come. man.

as always be civil in the comments. chainsawsuit will return to normal tomorrow, but this was too big for me not to discuss

what a night