oops that last line was from titanic. chainsawsuit has always been a titanic fanfic

hot on the heels of the news that another twilight fanfic is being given its own separate book deal:

The Hollywood Reporter explains the premise, “The Office, which reimagined the Edward Cullen-Bella Swan relationship as a steamy love/hate romance between a boss and his assistant, was one of the pioneers of the Twilight fanfic genre, generating more than two million downloads, before being taken offline by the author in 2009…

amazon also announced a program called “kindle worlds,” where fanfic authors could sell their stories about participating properties with the green light from said properties — as long as you understand that if you have a good idea that becomes popular, it now belongs to them and you have no right to it

i’m not opposed to fanfic as a means of cutting one’s teeth or sharing ideas or exploring a world. but i feel like it’s such a waste of a good idea to couch it in an existing intellectual property, especially one that doesn’t belong to you. “kindle worlds” is a great move on the part of the publishers, because they’ve turned fan enthusiasm into a cheap content mill. the real winners are amazon and warner bros