ha ha. you ever notice this? i do. your favorite comic strip has a cool character wearing a new shirt. oh, interesting. maybe they change shirts a lot, and that’s cool, that’s cool. then five days later, the shirt appears in the store due to “reader demand.” nailed ya!! it was a setup from day one!! this thing goes all the way to the top

my favorite version of this is when the strip doesn’t really have a joke in it? or the punchline is just… someone saying a really stilted phrase that looks like it’s from a shirt? and it’s just kinda hanging out there, and you’re like “huh, i guess” and then five days later a shirt appears in the store due to “reader demand”

it’s a conspiracy!! be on the lookout.

anyway, check out my shirts at topatoco. i didn’t actually make the shirt in the strip, but if the comments explode, then check back in five days

also if you liked blamimations, i did a guest strip for scott today you may enjoy