they got to me, mom and dad! they got to me. your son is gone, pitching and tossing on the churning seas of capitalism, amidst a monsoon of shame… and incredible savings!

  1. right now at my bookstore, you can get 20% off all purchases over $15 by entering the code “holiday2012” at checkout. this offer is good until monday.
  2. also available until monday: original chainsawsuits. i will write, ink, personalize and sign a chainsawsuit on 9×12″ bristol board just for you. suitable for framing or keeping it your wallet or purse and occasionally unfolding it to kiss it. this is also only good until monday!

in other news, i went up to desert bus for hope this past week, and spent one day with them in victoria. i felt like jane goodall, exploring… learning… growing. they raised $436,015.71 for children’s hospitals this year. it was an honor to be up there with them, they work so hard

it’s over now, but the whole thing was archived for posterity. here are the segments i appeared in… for the children.