at least six separate people i know have had problems with their yahoo! e-mail account being hacked. i think this is why:

  1. we all got a yahoo! e-mail address from back in the day, when it was the big game in town
  2. it being back in the day, we didn’t realize our passwords needed to be stronger than “mydogsname”
  3. then we stopped checking our yahoo e-mail when we got our own domains or started gmail.

i logged into my yahoo! recently and yahoo! it was like a third-world country in there, all pleading for drugs, offers, bonuses, hundreds of messenger-adds from dating sites, mailing list signups that i didn’t okay, spambots mating with each other, having commercial intercourse with one another using garbled links and bad headers, rutting and frothing in the same inbox where my first girlfriend once told me she loved me