question: what if i refactored what i do in a year into a kickstarter? let’s say that i release 4 books and 4 shirts in a year typically and i make $50,000 doing so. rather than just chug along and release those 4 as i normally would, i’d reformat my fiscal year into a kickstarter with accompanying goals:

  • if i get to $10k i can fund 1 book.
  • if i get to $25k i can fund 2 books and the quality will be better. i can also make a shirt to give to the mid-to-high tier backers.
  • if i get to $40k i can fund 4 very nice books and 3 shirts. depending on your tier level you will receive most/all of these things, videos, etc etc.
  • if i get to $60k i can fund 4 books, 4 shirts. more videos, more blogs, and upper-level enticements for high-tier backers (naturally)

then of course you backload the milestones beyond that, to see if you can get to $80k, $100k and so forth

the effect would be the same as whatever you’d make in a year — you’re of course still beholden to manufacture/ship those goods and meet those promises, but this time, your audience and you have a blood pact, and you surge off that excitement and supportive movement

neat idea!!! i’m so smart