i haven’t forgotten bioware’s track record, don’t worry

wait, kotor 2 was obsidian? aw never mind

anyway, look. i’m making fun of my stance up there but i still believe in it. i didn’t like the prequels, right? i thought they were bad star wars movies. lucas’s idea of star wars didn’t match what i thought it was. be it artistic vision, budget constraints, whatever the factors — my response wasn’t “george lucas needs to listen to the fans and fix these movies so they line up with my idea of star wars.”

no. my response was “man, those were bad movies and i’m really disappointed.” somehow, leaving it at that, i survived

if you want to take it up with me personally, i’ll be at emerald city comicon in seattle, march 30-april 1, 2012. find me in booth 102, along with scott, dave and brad! that’s one week from today!

also on saturday march 31, i will be doing improv — which i’ve never done before — with seattle theatresports at the market theater. it should be good! we’ll see how well i’ve managed to control my bladder evacuation response to stage fright

have a great weekend