i know i’m late to expressing this. i should have made this comic a long time ago but here it is

i bought minecraft months ago and played with it for a while. it has a cool aesthetic and has the potential to be really rich and interesting. but 100% of the interesting content was added by modders, who added townspeople and factions and quests and new animals and crafting abilities.

i gave up on it right after the last big patch rolled out. the adventure update i think it was called. what did it add to minecraft? you ever find a big cave with enemies in it? well, now there’s gigantic caves with enemies in them. also there may be some prefab abandoned buildings somewhere, with no one in them

please help me understand, i feel like it’s an SDK that got mislabeled as a game

the most chilling and interesting thing in minecraft i only read about, but apparently it was patched out: the far lands. man, exploring a procedural world so vast that at its edges, the engine starts to do really weird things? that is such a neat meta-gameplay concept. and it was an accident, right?! and now it’s gone?! augh!!!

to be honest — i would probably still be playing with it if i could get mods to install right. i never solved that so i gave up on the whole works like a quitter