who thinks this way??? who is cutting the credits off of all this reblogged tumblr stuff

i see a kate beaton comic strip with 30,000 notes under it, but there’s no sourcing of who drew it. in many cases i know that image had a url or copyright built right in and it’s been carefully removed, almost as if it’s crude or inappropriate to lay claim to your own work or tell people where to find more if they liked it

a big thank you to everyone who does credit quotes and comics and essays — to people who know that if you like something, you kinda want to know if there’s more out there to see.

i appreciate the work ethic involved in deleting copyrights and by-lines though; that takes stamina

edit: by the way, if you do want to blog an image you like, but don’t know how you could possibly find the source, google image search can help by letting you search using the image for similar sources, instead of dumb words which help no one