this game came out today if you’re not already playing it. i have been a fan of the elder scrolls series since morrowind, although my only complaint is that their attempts at an immersive world seem to fall a little bit short.

my formative experience in morrowind was that of trying to be a thief. i was so excited. i leveled up my lockpick/thievery skill to the point where i could break into the starting town’s store. the townsfolk had cycles and everything — the store closed at a certain hour and didn’t reopen until morning. i waited until it was good and dark, well past 2 in the morning, and avoided the lone guard. i picked the back door lock, and it opened. delightful! pushing open the door, i found…

… the shopkeeper, still at his counter, all the lights blazing inside. when he saw me, he said “good day, traveler!”