ha ha, no elaboration required

… so¬†huntyr chase wants to hit on kim kardashian at the bar, and he’s far away from her, but when he starts to walk towards her, he looks down and realizes he’s already bumped into her butt. kim kardashian is known for being very curvy, especially her posterior. i used a perspective in the first panel that would not betray the proximity of kim’s backside to huntyr chase all the way over at the far table.

why huntyr was not able to see kim’s butt to avoid it on his walk over is a subject of some debate. perhaps he was too fixated on asking kim out to notice that his way was barred by her rump. one might guess that huntyr, being the inappropriate pick-up artist that he is, actually saw and intended to bump into kim this way, but the dialogue in the second panel contradicts this as huntyr is seen expressing confusion, rather than looking lascivious or as though this was an intended outcome.

technically kim kardashian is not newly-single, but has at this time filed divorce papers from her husband kris humphries. the phrasing “newly-single” is used in the strip because of space concerns, and canonically can be explained by huntyr’s lackluster fact-checking and/or his overzealousness to hit on a famous celebrity

a third panel would have been entirely superfluous and as a result i decided to excise it completely. however it can be posited that “the end” is a pun in and of itself, seeing as the joke revolved around a celebrity’s famous “end” or buttocks.

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