prepare for a thrill and a chill unlike any other when you enter dr. murder’s haunted timeshare… imagine, layer upon layer of tart crisp bone and sweet, frothy ghosts. find out why the damned shriek, “this truly is a summer delight!!!!”

thunder sound effect

also, i have an incredible announcement to make, product-wise. this is no joke. remember the chainsawsuit book 1 that i sadly told you was no longer in print? it still isn’t, but my mom found a box of them in the attic and i’m offering a five-book chainsawsuit pack until i run out!!

get one before i run out of book 1 for good! this lovely gift pack contains the following:

  • Chainsawsuit 1, signed and sketched in. There’s only about 80 left. In fact, none exist that aren’t signed and sketched in.
  • Chainsawsuit 2
  • Chainsawsuit 3
  • The Chainsawsuit Initiative
  • Chainsawsuit For Everyone
  • And a 3″ deluxe Chainsawsuit clear sticker, perfect for defacing public buildings