Here are some other fine pickup lines to use at your local library:

  • Butterfly in the sky, I can bone twice as high
  • Let’s “book” it back to my futon
  • Like the dewey decimal system? I’m the do-it decimal system
  • I’d like to look between your covers… your bed covers, not a book’s cover
  • I’d make a shitty photocopy in the backroom of you

And now, an announcement for my australian readers. Scott and I make a lot of jokes, but the following is entirely true:

Yes, Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub are coming to host the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s 2012 program Symphony of Legends: Video Games Unplugged. Two nights of game music arranged orchestrally, ceremonially mastered by Scott and me, with special guest Wil Wheaton from, well, Wil Wheaton.

Many more details, including pre-sale ticket links, at my blog. Thank you to the MSO for the opportunity, we promise not to embarrass you! Pretty sure, anyway. See you in Melbourne in 2012!!

scared out of my mind