look, in my games i love a good weapons degradation/repair mechanic like the next guy, but

wait, no. i hate that mechanic. dead island, learn from other games! i hate the idea that my sword is gonna break after three swings. come on

the cthulhu’s first swim t-shirts from pax are now available in my store! lots of men’s sizes, limited women’s, but the women’s are being reordered as we speak. and also also

click me and buy one, come on!!!! jk. no really buy it though


also also also chainsawsuit book 5 is here: chainsawsuit for everyone! yes, i have the fifth book now, presented in classic format once more. as chainsawsuit improves over time, i can safely say this is the best chainsawsuit book yet. buy it with the shirt and save on shipping like a smart guy

chainsawsuit for everyone! new book!