my burgeoning ripped-from-the-headlines series continues to make waves. did you know i sold laws & order: 1999 cybercrime unit to boomerang? i was surprised they wanted it alongside wacky racers and all that old hanna-barbera stuff, but it was the easiest $60 i ever made

here are some other laws & order spinoffs to watch for:

– laws & order: hamburger patrol
– laws & order: christmas standards and practices
– laws & order: the mexican zone (unflinching, hard-hitting look at mexican culture or whatever. emmy bait)
– laws & order: bulletbuyer (about the cop who buys all the bullets for the police station)
– laws & order: graveyard

also i don’t know if you noticed, but the cthulhu’s first swim t-shirts from pax are now available in my store! lots of men’s sizes, limited women’s, but the women’s are being reordered as we speak. and also also

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also also also chainsawsuit book 5 is here: chainsawsuit for everyone! yes, i have the fifth book now, presented in classic format once more. as chainsawsuit improves over time, i can safely say this is the best chainsawsuit book yet. buy it with the shirt and save on shipping like a smart guy

chainsawsuit for everyone! new book!