this is all we have left, guys. lucas is adding or changing some audio cues to the blu-ray release of the original trilogy because i guess now that he’s older, he is realizing that you can’t tell a story without having characters explain every possible motivation they have directly into the camera. so now when vader throws the emperor into the throne room pit, he goes “no. nooooo.” because before that, we assumed vader was on the emperor’s side, and in his zeal to celebrate the murder of his son, accidentally threw the emperor to his death and was too injured to carry out the killing himself, so he just took his helmet off and had a heart-to-heart with luke.

people talk about star wars being kid-oriented vs. kid-friendly — something that’s directed at children, versus something kids can hook into and adults can enjoy too. i think star wars was never either. star wars has always been lucas-oriented, and the fact that anyone else actually liked it was enormous coincidence.

i am excited about the old republic, but i’m now worried that george will see how popular it is and think “hmm, maybe the next star wars thing should be in the old republic era. of course, i’ll have to write it and make it canon, so i have to wipe out everything that’s already been written by bioware. but it’ll be great with me at the helm. first things first: the jedi are now called jorbi. and there were no droids. and darth maul was somehow there and he’s r2-d2’s dad. yes, yes”