is any text even necessary here, do i need to elaborate at all on this

one short day left to pre-order the blamimation season 1 dvd set. Who cares, because you can just buy it later, right? WRONG.

Well, partly wrong. If you pre-order it now (and it’s shipping like, next week, so it’s not really a pre-order anymore):

  • You’ll get the DVD cover signed lovingly by Scott and me. We kissed as we wrote our names at the same time. There’s another way to get this, and that’s to truck your DVDs to a convention we’re at, costing you airfare and hotel! Let us bring home the savings.
  • You will also get a 12×18 folding color map of Rivenshyre, the hallowed kingdom of Flindell and Kadath. There’s all kinds of cities, rivers, towns and zones on the map for staging your own LARP games, should you so desire.This isn’t some tarted-up promotional messThis is a living, breathing world that Irwin the Mage constantly ruins for everyone

Plus, on Disc 3, you’ll find the entirety of our PAX East 2011 Blamimations Alive panel, filmed in glorious Blam-vision, a process that attempts to convert the Blam experience into real life, and only partially succeeds.

One day left!! Order now!!