heads up world, something dangerous is going on, and — uh, actually everything is fine. never mind. also i just remembered i have a dentist’s appointment, so i need to leave right now

also exciting news:

Watch it here!

Vantage Point Productions, the film crew behind Penny Arcade: The Series, approached us a while back and asked if my dear friend Scott and I would be interested in being their next project. At PAX, we are often asked when we’re going to have our own show on PATV. We would love to do one — in addition to Season 2 of Blamimations, which is in the works — but it is well beyond our control.

So Vantage Point has posted the pilot of a proposed program, titled “Kris and Scott’s Scott and Kris Show.” You can see it in its entirety at Kickstarter, where Vantage Point is also asking for backers to help finance a 10-episode season to air this summer. Scott and I don’t see any of that money — it all goes to production costs.

If everyone who watched and enjoyed the Blamimations donated $1, Vantage Point would raise the money several times over. Scott and I are going to be providing a lot of extras for interested backers and you can see how that breaks down on the Kickstarter page. Please take a look and help finance their project! We really want to do it with them but we can’t without your help! Thank you and we hope you like the pilot!!